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about me

About Me:

The names Jonathan and I'm a hard core gamer who loves to complete/finish games. I love challenging games and to complete any tasks that'll push myself to the limits. Despite being a gamer, I love anime and my dream is to work in Tokyo, Japan one day as a computer technician and hopefully, become an anime designer. I have a tendency to speak Japanese so if any of you wonder what I'm saying, I'll usually type it in (), but if I don't, don't hesitate to ask. I've been known as a "stray cat" and a loner on many occasions. Throughout the reasons of me being known by those names, I've been given a Japanese nickname, Ikuto; which means "Many Constellations." If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, feel free to message me.


Video games, Anime, computers, Japan, and work


gamer, quiet, helpful, listens, obeys, calm, productive, fast pacing, shy, loner, serious, respectful, stoic, otaku, computer tech

Video Games:

Halo franchise, Gears of War Franchise, Borderlands Franchise, Forza Motorsport Franchise


Anime, Nightcore, Trance, Techno, Electronic, and a little out of those

Favorite Quotes:

Knowledge is a key. A key to unlock a mystery. Save that key and you shall receive your mystery.

A man learns from his own mistakes as for a wise man learns the mistakes from others.

I will not concede defeat!

It's best to keep one's mouth shut than to have it blabbering around random things.

Logic brings all things to order.

Patience is a virtue.

Work comes first before play.

Gamer Accounts:

Xbox Live: Brutaka5 / PlayStation Network: Brutaka1 / Steam: Brutaka1

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Bennett, CO

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January 14, 2011

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9 hours ago

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21 / Male

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total anime ratings: 273

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