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Howdy Stranger!

13 JAN

It's been a while since I blogged around on Anime Planet. DeviantArt is my main place for blogging, although maybe I should just get a blogspot for my blogging.

Anyways, I recently finished ToraDora, and I don't think I need to review it since (I think) it's been fairly heavily reviewed. I'd rather use my mediocre reviewing skills for something unreviewed or something horrendously terrible. Toradora was niether of these. It could have been among the best anime I've watched in my grade 11 year, along with Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Hanasaku Iroha.

Right now IRL I'm (not) looking forward to this term's only provincial exam, Socials Studies. It's a class I'm good at, though, so I'm worried for it, but not like I was worried for math last year.

In my anime life I'm looking forward to episode 2 of Another (Which was unfortunately spoiled for me by a jerkwad on another site who thinks it's funny to spoil anime for people. I reported him for trolling.) As well as the eight-episode BLACK ROCK SHOOTER TV on February second. Yes. BRS deserves caps lock. If I manage to get to a con this year (my first one ever. Me any my anime buddies IRL are planning this whole big trip for it if it happens) I'mma try and buy a BRS Figma. Or a Taiga Aisaka figma. Toradora was amazing.


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