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Lelouch311 says...

Do you know anyone else in a cool anime who has a 'anti-hero sole survivor attitude'?  Its okay if they help people sometimes its just I love those types of characters. The only other one I can think of is Vegeta or how Natsuno acts in Shiki

Dec 2, 2014
BleachSta4Ever says...

Hey guys I normally keep my cool when it comes to people leaving comments.......but if u visit Sakura Haruno's page from Naruto series under the comments and read a majority of them u will see how much ridiculousness there is and supposed "hate" sure I may not totally love Sakura but i don't hate yea........if u look in the comments u will also see mine......and well I kinda lost it but wht I rly need to know is if I did the right thing? did I? I need to know if u can plz and thx in advance 

:) :( 0.0 :( :)

Jul 14, 2014
BleachSta4Ever says...

Well first Konnichiwa! 

i was reading along things on L's page from Death Note and I totally agree with honestly I never thought someone else felt the same as I did.......hope we can talk soon :D

Jul 11, 2014