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I'm an Otaku and love Anime! otherwise I don't think I would be here x'D

My Favorites genres in anime are: Fantasy, Action, Comedy and Romance but i do usually give all Anime a chance =^.^=

I also like to Amateur cosplay and go to conventions with friends :3

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JaquiRave Jul 31, 2011

read your comment and thank you for agreeing :P I miss the old cartoons

Minai99 Jun 26, 2011

Hi there. I see you are relatively new to AP. Welcome to Anime-Planet!. To answer what I suppose is your question, my avatar is Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners. Kara no Kyoukai is my favorite new anime. It is a dark fantasy with horror/suspsense elements and philosophical undertones. It has Stunning visuals and soundtrack, strong character development, an intriguing story, well-developed and interesting themes, and a good balance of action and exposition. I should probably mention specifically, since you like it, that it does have an element of romance. As it happens, I like your avatar as well! Is it from Hell Girl? Nice to meet you, Brik91.