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Battle Royale

Mar 19, 2013

This manga came highly recomended to me by a friend but I didn't see much value in it.

Essentially, a group of kids gets put on an island and must kill eachother for the pleasure of the masses. One boy, our main character, decides to reject the game entirely and be the good guy.

We follow Shuuya the protagonist. He's always doing the right thing, and more, it always works. He never has to make any tough moral decisions, he merely attempts to convince everyone around him that they should avoid playing the game and shoot the big baddie at the end. Of course he fails sometimes due to other people, but it's never his fault. He's a terribly uninteresting and cookie-cutter alutruist.

The series has no strong female characters. The only one that has any real depth is the a "slut" who plays the game essentially with her sexuality but of course is offed in the end. All the other female characters are week and susceptible to death/insanity.

Even the girlfriends of the guys we're supposed to root for need constant protection.

Then there's the art. I swear, all everyone does is cry. A male protagonist said something mildly touching? Tears everywhere. Female we care about says they're a bit scared? Male with tears streaming down his face. Insane guy? Leaking snot, tears and salivia all over everything. It's annoying and so unrealistic it makes you want to stop reading. Also this guy can't even draw, his figures are so cartoonishly disproportionate. It just looks really dumb imo. Like I'm down for manga, I love the clean lines and smooth style. But this is an abomination of sticklike females and perfectly toned male bodies. Oh unless they're a nerd. Then they're four feet tall with a child's face. 

The story is decent, but the dialogue is awful. Very unrealistic and causing every character to blubber everywhere. It's just not that well written, even if the concept of a bunch of teenagers on an island is pretty interesting.

To cap it all off, the psychological profiles never make you care about the characters. The main baddie turns out to be brain damaged, causing psychosis. Our hero is a constant do-gooder. All the females are waify crybabies. The only decently interesting character is the "slut" but everyone else just feels boring.

I feel like the manga is trying to make social comentary but it never really succeeds. There's a happy ending (even our protagonist never even tells the girl he loves her... Jesus christ like come on, how much more passive could you be?) even though everyone dies. Sure some characters go insane, which I guess is somewhat interesting, but there's no grim darkness or heavy atmosphere. There's so many characters that none of them matter except the five we actually follow. Everyone else just dies every few pages.

Would not recomend :/ 

7/10 story
2/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Anathemus Mar 23, 2013

I was planning to read the manga but then I saw the movie and I was very dissapointed (Kept reading reviews saying it was a masterpiece), the concept is kinda neat, but in the end, is just a bunch of kids killing each other lol your review just convince me to leave this manga away, cheers