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dai Sep 28, 2007

I'm not sure, I've only seen it subbed, and I don't have access to all of it. I'm watching it slowly too because I watch some of the shorter series or movies when I have longer stretches of time.

dai Sep 26, 2007

and thanks to you, I'm about to download Trigun.. you're a favorite too!

OneiChan Sep 26, 2007

Thanks for comment!And thanks for the compliment ^_^ I was actually going to come by and tell you that I am liking your recs, as I am part of the moderation team here, but I like your action figures even more! They are really great, especially megaman, he is super cute :D You should make some female anime characters, because your women are.... very well proportioned :p And welcome to anime-planet. This  is a wonderful community, and the forum is nice too.

Reawen Sep 26, 2007

Oh yeah, Gungrave rocks ^_^ And Trigun as #1! Woohoo! It was the first full anime I saw, so it's what's responsible for getting me hooked!

You've got a lot of great series on you watched & watching lists. And I see you have Kenshin & Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen on your "want to watch" list - I highly recommend them! Though I have to admit, Tsuiokuhen makes me cry...

And I did check out your custom Gungrave figures. They rock! I love the glasses ^_^ And the Trigun ones are awesome, too. I have to admit, I've never heard of anyone making custom figures - I breezed through one of your little tutorials just to get a feel for it. I'm in complete awe.

(by the way, you have a typo in your URL in your profile. The u & s are backwards ^_~)

Aaaanyway. You rock. I'm impressed.

sothis Sep 26, 2007

While browsing the newest users, your name stuck out immediately. Gungrave is hands down one of the best anime I've seen. It's also one of 4 perfect 10 scores I've given, out of ~500 titles I've seen. If you are curious, you could read my review. (though, I do need to update the individual scores a bit, as I wouldn't give the animation a 10 anymore, etc). Good choice in tastes ;)