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A marvel of the human species, I am. Bow before me. My opinions are very important.

Rating system:

Numbers are arbitrary and boring. So instead, to a score I may add a SEAL! Not like a soldier or those adorable little sea-dogs that are so fun clubbing to death, no. At the moment the following seals are possible:

Uehehehe~ Seal of Approval! 

Some series just hit that sweet spot where you just lean back in the chair or lay down in the bed while watching and let the charm and light comedy squeeze those laughs out of you!

These series are not heavy-hitter comedies that constantly have you roaring with laughter(though occasionally acheiving this does not disqualify), but it won't ever be boring you for any prolonged period of time either, and they are full to the brim with charm! Due to its nature it is mostly reserved for the best Slice of Life series and other light comedies. These are the series that do not require "effort" to watch, and you will generally feel outright refreshed after watching them. Often perfect choices to get back into the medium if "anime exhaustion" is experienced.

Drama-heavy series will never get this, though some occasional low-level drama does not disqualify.

A full score is not required to warrant this seal, but will rarely be awarded to anything less than a 4/5 score.

Easy examples: Working!!Usagi Drop, Silver Spoon, Shinryaku! Ika musume, Miss Monochrome.


"Mockery" Seal of Failure!

This one is reserved for piss-poor anime adaptations that absolutely butcher the source material in just about every way.

They clearly did not even really try to do a decent job. A series simply straying from the source material is not a qualification for this stamp, as some manage to still be enjoyable, or is simply an inspired route all of its own like Full Metal Alchemist, for example.

These, however, either just did a horrid job at adapting, or went with an "alternate route" that is just plain horrible, and these are thus deemed mockeries of the source material, and completely fail to be a good series on its own merits as well.

Easy examples: Rosario + Vampire, Mekaku City Actors



No activity for weeks and months from me without any prior notice? Assume terrible, terrible things.

All things come to an end. Probably fell down the stairs like an idiot. Or finally got turned to mush by a semi while biking.

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queeeal May 1, 2011

shhhh, i was bored, I  knew it woulnt work because its checked before its submitted right?


Thrawn Apr 30, 2011

No response yet but I guess it's better than a no.

Thrawn Apr 10, 2011

You think? You will, if not sooner.

I rarely use my own phone and have never even tried Skype :P Maybe one of these days.

Thrawn Apr 9, 2011

The fates have conspired against you, with TZH being the beginning. Sorry to hear all that and wish I could have done something to help, as little as it could be. Haven't had any major assignments piled up in ages and hate that feeling of being swamped. Can totally see how it could bring you down but if I ever wallowed in it, I would never get out. Happened to me once severely before. But happy to see you haven't given up. Willpower is a fierce beast and you had better not lose it. Wished you could still be on TZH, even if all we could do was give you a pat on the back, a thumbs up and some words of encouragement.

Can totally see the lack of escapism leading to depression, and I thought my three day stints of no anime were bad. But glad to see things are heading in the right direction! And things might turn around for the better quicker than you think; before summer comes around. Fate does things like that.

Thanks man! It ain't the same without you there; the Anime Musketeers of TZH have faded away without you and we're now simple peasants watching entertainment greater than life itself. The golden age has ended.

Heh, I manage to be sneaky from time to time :P

Thanks, and it was you that reminded me to finally apply. But you had best become one before you're as old as I. I do slip up a few times, but I feel like I'm batting a decent average.

As expensive as that is, totally worth the purchase. If I were to ever buy some anime, that would be one of the select few. We totally have to start a FYAB for Spice and Wolf in the summer.

Thrawn Apr 6, 2011

BB! It's been months! Countless weeks! I've seen ya around here but we never crossed paths. How's AP and anime treating you?