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Franken Fran

Jun 7, 2010

Lets just make this perfectly clear: I am not amongst the faint of heart. I do not get sick upon the sight of animals that are torn open, I do not feel like fainting at the sight of blood, I giggled during a tour at a slaughterhouse, but I went to take a hot shower after reading Franken Fran.

I already have to tell you, the reader, that this manga is extremely taste based. Many people have backed off from this manga due to gore alone and have barely made it past 3 chapters. If you can't handle huge loads of blood and gore then reading through this manga will be like dragging your brain through a meat grinder. But hey, you are ready to do that in order to get a taste of this bloody horror comedy, right?

If you thought that Elfen Lied, Higurashi or Hellsing was too gory for you then don't even bother reading Franken Fran. Katsuhia Kigitsu is obviously someone who doesn't put too big leashes on his creativity during work, as we clearly can see in Franken Fran.

The story generally lacks because of the lack of plot development. You keep asking yourself questions like "when is the professor going to return and give us some plot?" and I was often puzzled over why so many characters were turned into freaks of nature to an unnecessary length. Like, why did Adorea get an Organ extracting tentacle-face when the professor revived her from death? Was the ability to consume and store bodies necessary for her revival? Why does Fran and Veronica have more visible stitches than most of the other freaks and what are those BUBBLES which are almost constantly hanging over Fran's head!? The electrodes you ask? Who cares?

Each chapter usually has its own unique story that usually results in people being turned into freaks of nature. You have three types of endings: Good, bad and weird. There are probably like 3-5 good endings, 5-10 "bad" and the rest are weird endings. Many of the chapters raises questions to subjects like cloning, value of life, plastic surgery, scientific progress, gene mixing, etc.

The art looks good. Characters tend to be well-detailed, especially on the gory parts. But it strikes me that there is no, nix, nada, nej, nein, njet, non difference between characters when it comes to the eyes. You have those shiny, big eyes in every character and not one is unique. The annoying lack of facial expression is also there. You have the passive look and then you have the terrified look. That is pretty much it and it really drags part of the soul out of every character. Sometimes the eyes and certain features of characters, usually in the background, simply disappears and is replaced by white.

When it comes to the characters then there is some lack indeed. We barely get to know anything about any character's background and we are still unknowing of who Fran used to be before the professor operated on(apparently revived) her. There is one extra-chapter that deals with Adorea's past and it was highly enjoyable and it is somewhat frustrating that we don't get to know more about the past of other characters.

In the end it is a very satisfying series despite a few chapters where a utter lack of logic drags the reader experience down. You should not read it if you are faint of heart or can't stand excessive amounts of gore.


And yes, the comparison have already been made:

7/10 story
7/10 art
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Rebos Jan 13, 2011

Great review, it rings true and will get people to read it, those who dare ^_^

Also and thanks for mentioning which anime Prof Stein was from.

grim84 Aug 21, 2010

This manga is that bad I've read much worse. the gore is easy to get by, i mean, really you act like its one of the most disguisting mangas that you've read. I can name atleast 2 mangas that are more gory than this (plus some other things that I bet you don't want to see).

k1kuch1 Jun 7, 2010

I liked your Review, Franken Fran is pretty much all you said!

For Gore Fans with a little bit of interest in Biology/Medicine!

BrainBlow Jun 7, 2010

The guy in the last picture is Professor Stein from Soul eater.

Just mentioning for any people who haven't seen/read Soul eater.