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  • ? / M
  • World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman
  • One-Punch Man
  • Rokka no Yuusha
  • Overlord
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime
  • Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Best of 2015

Cream of the favorites from 2015. In no particular order...though I did start from Winter to Fall.

  • Joukamachi no Dandelion
  • Ultimate Otaku Teacher
  • RIN-NE

Double XP Marathon

Anime from Summer Lineup/Spring/Lineup to marathon during DXP

  • Banner of the Stars
  • Banner of the Stars II
  • Banner of the Stars III
  • Bodacious Space Pirates
  • Captain Harlock (2013)
  • Crest of the Stars

Good Space/sci-fi Anime

My favorite anime with space/sci-fi as the setting!