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"I am who I am, no more no less."

My first anime was Naruto around 5 years ago. My next animes were Death Note and Bleach. At the time I began to watch Death Note I had a mindset of "Naruto is so good why would I want to watch another?" So I didn't really look for more anime. That and I was watching episodes via youtube (lol). I don't really remember a specific order after that but my early animes were Black Cat, Blood+, Shakugan no Shana, and Elfen Lied.

Since then I've specifically developed the methods involved regarding finding, obtaining, and watching anime. I discover new shows through Netflix (no, really), ANN, word of mouth, and guides to animes about to air on tv. I 'obtain' a majority of the anime I've watched through direct downloads or torrents. Nyaatorrents is a decent site for all your Japanese otaku needs. As for how I WATCH anime...depending on the file type I'll put them on a flashdrive, and play through my PS3 (best circumstance, rarely happens). Otherwise I'll watch them on my second monitor (a 33" LCD tv), or my main (a 24" LED monitor) while playing PS3.

How I like my anime? Japanese audio, English subs - non-negotiable. I'd prefer fansubs, if only because they usually don't censor out the langauge...which in my humble opinion should stay there if it was intended.

Explanation of anime list: Watched = Anime I've seen all of, Watching = Anime I''m currently watching (ongoing will say watching), Want to watch = Anime I want to see, Stalled = Anime I'm on hiatus with, or Anime I currently have but have not started watching, Dropped = Anime I disliked so much that I stopped in the middle forever.

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darkdante14 avatar darkdante14


Apr 9, 2012

And I totally meant 'his' not he's... AP - Y U NO LET EDIT? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

darkdante14 avatar darkdante14


Apr 9, 2012

Exactly, I mean who hasn't dreamt of being able to freely enter girls' dressing room and so on :P

Though, I must say they went a bit overboard with the whole lesbioan thing. Ok, I know HE'S a guy so it's normal that he likes girls but why the hell are the girls so crazy about the female Natsuru? -.- The episode 3 where he's love interest went all crazy about female Natsuru I was like: "Eh? o_O"

darkdante14 avatar darkdante14


Apr 9, 2012

So far I'm enjoying it. Surprisingly I still find it fun and interesting to watch. Ecchi anime usually become boring for me at some point. I still haven't watched all episodes so I can't give my final verdict but I agree it's pretty funny.

darkdante14 avatar darkdante14


Apr 6, 2012

I love the fact that all your hated characters are from the same anime. And if I recall correctly, you weren't too happy about the anime itself either xD

darkdante14 avatar darkdante14


Jan 31, 2012

Oh wth? You already finished Tiger & Bunny? o.O Damn, that pace :D So how was it? ANd what you're gonna watch next?

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