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I love being told a good story well, but I will never underestimate an anime's entertainment value. Which is why I have rated, what many would consider, some pretty crappy shows strangely higher than anyone else would. Let's be friends.

Here is my Blog, there are many like it, but this one is mine... it has nothing to do with anime (not yet, anyway), but maybe you'll find something of use to you there - maybe even somthing juicy about my life not even my closest friends or family know about: http://gh4l.blogspot.com/ - I haven't updated it in a while, because... well, because the world has become too lazy to blog anymore (how shortlived that time period was)... or even write anything longer than 420 characters, but I still do and I thank that you read it. Enjoy?

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tudmonk avatar tudmonk

You Rock!

Mar 12, 2012

haha no problem have to show some love to some same minded people like myself eh ? :D

take careT.J 

tudmonk avatar tudmonk


Feb 20, 2012

all i have to say is AMEN , on your comment about makoto, sure he was a douche , but  he was also a good char, and that made the story from school days , a good one


KiraRin avatar KiraRin


Nov 18, 2009

Just wanted to say hi and that I really enjoyed your Macross Zero review! One of the shows I've not yet seen, but I may bnow be tempted to give it a whirl :p


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