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I have been called "Weaboo" by better, and "nerd" by worse. I eat my teriyaki with chopsticks. I watch anime with pretty colors (Shugo Chara) even though I'm a guy. I am Jake. That's it. Unless you look at my profile picture. Then I'm Domo-kun.

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k916ng Nov 4, 2008

gurren lagann is awesome!! super epic stuff.

airbornemist6 Sep 16, 2008

Welcome to Anime-planet!

sothis Sep 16, 2008

Nice - well if this is your first time around, I apologize in advance... we had a security breach a few months ago and had to take down the site completely, and redevelop it from scratch in only a month's time. There are still some missing integral features (like being able to browse your personal anime list and create a signature - both of which will hopefully be back in a week), the layout isn't finalized, and lots of other things XD

but stick around as it'll be even more awesome than the past shortly ^_^

sothis Sep 16, 2008

I saw you in the domo outfit at sakura con!

Did you end up stopping by the Anime-Planet table in the exhibition hall that year? I didn't attend this last year.

WinterDream Sep 16, 2008

Nice to meet ya, Jake! :D Wee~ nice nice nice avartar you have :)