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New to the community.  I think anime has seeped into my genes at this point, so I'm always looking for a good anime to watch.  I know I'm not giving out too much personal info, but if you have any recommendations, or just want to say hi, please do :)  I'll eventually have filled out all the anime I've seen over the last 4 years... it's been over a half hour and i just finished the letter 'D' LOL!!!

And thanks to everyone for the warm welcome - having 3 comments within minutes of joining... that's freakin' awesome ;)


P.S. The AWESOME Boarder6 Contest:  If anyone knows where I can get the Asatte no Houkou OST PLEEEASSEEEE let me know.  For some reason, it's the one OST I can't find.  First person who finds it will be my best virtual friend for life. 

Fine Print:  Contest goes into effect for the first post with accurate information.  If there is a tie or confusion, Boarder6 Corporation will decide the winner. Best virtual friend status is not negotiable.  Best virtual friend status has no monetary value, cannot be traded, nor used on the black market.  Contest expires 12/22/22.  Not valid in AZ, CA, and Atlantis.  Many will play, only one will gain the extreme coolness that is a win.

P.S.S.  Finally found the OST in a rare torrent that's probably not existing anymore.  I wish I could share it with more people... but I have no idea where to start...

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Arkadia Oct 13, 2008

I don't know dude, I usually use isohunt but they don't seem to have it either.  On another note wish me luck on midterms XD

Arkadia Oct 11, 2008

Yeah, I've heard of Boxtorrents but it was a year ago and they had a user cap, so I couldn't register... I'll give it another shot though... Oh and if you wanna see an amazing Drama/Comedy/Harem/Romance watch Clannad, I loved it and you most likely too.  (oh and as a side note saber > shana :P)

Arkadia Oct 11, 2008

Thanks, I would like to torrent/DL it if possible.

Arkadia Oct 11, 2008

Hello and welcome! Oh and I noticed you are watching blood+, I'll be watching that one soon too - once I can find it lol...

kirkgjr Oct 11, 2008