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about me

Hey, so I'm just a boy growing up. I LOVE anime so that goes with out saying. I'm an aspiring writer and director so look out for me in the future ^_^.

I occasionaly do anime reviews, I think it's a great way to practice writing, I'm also doing some practice screenplays, it would be awesome if you read them! :D I may post them in the forums soon.

Anyways I try to be friendly and stuff. Send me a friend request and we can talk about anime and stuff! :)

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February 9, 2011

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December 24, 2011

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Thanks! ^_^

Feb 25, 2011

glad you're enjoying it!

pr0nmail avatar pr0nmail

Great Anime List!

Feb 18, 2011

Yo! couldn't help but notice you rated Utena 9/10 and I throughly agree! looking at your top anime list, it seems you enjoy story driven shows with rich symbolism and intrigue. If you'd like a suggestion for what to watch next, I'd suggest Haibane Renmei, and Mushishi. Let me know if you like them and would care for some more suggestions.


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