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I'm a big fan of anime, having watched over 1,000 titles. My favorites include Baccano!, Evangelion, Code Geass, Akira, FOTNS, FMA, Durarara!!, and Psycho-Pass, among many others. When it comes to manga, my favorites include Berserk, One Piece, Claymore, Vagabond, UDDUP, Kenichi, Mushishi, get the idea. Let me know if you know of something awesome that I haven't seen yet.



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sothis says...

Heya, were you still able to help with the import failure moderator role? We somewhat desperately need ongoing help with that. I'm working on finding new trainees but was hoping you'd be able to start looking through those as I think we finished training? 

Mar 9, 2015
disabar says...

wow u have seen so many anime.....

if u dont mind can u give me a few anime

that u have die hearted loved lol .....any if u its possible


Feb 20, 2015
Damias says...

Thanks for the wallpaper collection. It was very, abundant. =^)

Jul 19, 2014
TheAngelofDeath says...

I'm sure you get this quite a lot but i'm going to say it again anyway cus I can. Your awesome! :D Its been my goal for a while to reach 1,000 watched Anime's as well as reach a year worth of watched Anime's, but alas i'm not even halfway there yet! But you made it nice job, your my goal now :)

Your profile has a beautiful layout I love it! I shall have to check out those PNG files ya got there, not tonight though tomorrow when I have more free time! But it shall be checked. Your likes seem to match up favourly with mine, if you see anything that you think might be good for me please recommend all ears my friend.


May 28, 2014
DarkBootyMaster says...

Thanks for the welcome, you seem to have watched a lot of anime! :O 

Claymore is one of my favourite manga too. c:

Apr 13, 2014