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It's My Top 100, Not Yours ...

This was something more like a Top 90 List, but ...

That's what happens when you take a personal ranklist, organized somewhat differently than the way A-P does its stuff, and try to shoehorn it into this List form, which is governed by A-P's database structure ... ranks wander off-mark. Some of these are tied, up to three ways in some cases, or they represent whole franchises that dominate a single ranking slot, clustered together. I'll leave it for the reader to deduce ...

This list was ranked by using Richard Bolles' Prioritizing Grid, a well-known tool for parsing one's favorites from long lists of items first developed in the human resources / career-planning field. It almost always renders interesting and unexpected results. This was then further adjusted to account for other anime-specific indicators, like number of repeat viewings, genre preference, and the like.

For those who might be interested, a Web-based version of the grid is available for use at this link: Prioritizing Grid @

This is updated on a semi-annual basis, sort of ... these rankings are current through November, 2012.
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