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 Hello everyone! I'm Blossoms and I just wanted to share a little about how I got captivated by anime. It all started when I was younger; I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon/anime?), well after that I think you all know what I did next - I watched a ton more of anime! My second ever series was Full Metal Panic! (And I even created a mini video on the show) then Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

I stay in touch with the community by reading a lot of anime reviews then I rate and comment on them. I have also been interested in what people have to say about anime so let me know what you think about anime!

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Here are some of my favourite anime quotes:

"I'm not going to protect you by being your shield or armor, but I'll be the dagger hidden below your pillow." Shuu Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul)
Image result for Shuu Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul)

"We need to have a mask that we never take off." Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)

Image result for Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)

"Kindness is not a crime. But sometimes it awakens the weakness and greed in others." - Soo-won (Akatsuki no Yona)

“Life’s a bitch, so if it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong.” – Okumura Rin (Ao no Exorcist)

"We just witnessed a classic example of what I call miss directed rage, I believe the technical term is being an ass." - Sohma Shigure (Fruits Basket)

My Rating:

5- Astounding (you NEED to watch!)

4- Very good

3- Eh

2 - I can just about tolerate it

1 - Unbearable 

0.5 - I'm wasting my time

0 - Why does this anime exist?

My Top 3 Anime so far.....

Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona)

Kuroko's Basketball 3

Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Terror)

Check out my top 10 anime list!



Things I hate about anime: OVA's and specials

Most liked Genres: Adventure, Horror, Supernatural, Romance, Action, Game........

Hated Genres:  Harem, Incest, Musical and Demons.

Let me know if you have any good anime suggestions!

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Dracarys20 says...

I'm currently watching The Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki-chan,Gintama' and Bleach.

But i'm falling a bit behind as i've been working.. I fall asleep while watching anime...

This sucks so much -_-

Jul 28, 2015
AnimeOtaku13 says...

Yes, I agree. I can't wait for next week's episode. Hoping that the animation is just as graceful and gorgeous as this past episodes. Alisa does seem pretty good too. 

I will try to remember to do so when God Eater comes to a close :) XD

Oh, and did you see the latest Akagami no Shirayukihime?

Jul 27, 2015
AnimeOtaku13 says...

Thank you :-)

My favorite character in the series right now would probably be Lindow. 

Do you have a favorite character yet? 

Jul 27, 2015
AnimeOtaku13 says...

Hi ^^ Did you see episode 4 of God Eater? I thought it was pretty stinkin' good~!

Jul 26, 2015
Dracarys20 says...

Please do so :)

Jul 26, 2015