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I'm a big anime and video game fan.

I play WoW on Emerald Dream

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What?! No manga ratings?

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nexusangels Dec 3, 2009

Hey, thanks for putting up  I looked at your anime lit and I noticed that you wanted to watch Clannad and The Melancholy of Harui Suzumiya, these are two anime I would recomend to anyone.  If you are having a tough time finding the anime you need i would check out or for the direct link for the anime list

sonic1251 May 3, 2009

i know where to find all of code geass R1 and some of code geass R2 both dubed if you want to know

Tyrannical Apr 5, 2009

Just like to thank you for all your work on Ranma Stream. I watched most of my Ranma there!

martyn20xx Mar 4, 2009


uhm just wondering where did u get that background signature thing?

Coylise May 13, 2008

Hey there! Great work putting up ranmastream. Even though I haven't seen all of the series, it was really helpful to have a site to easily find the episodes I did watch. Thanks a lot, instantly favorited as a user ^_^