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Well, been watching anime for about 2 years now, and greatly enjoyed most of the experience thus far. Im what you call, the classis nerd, i am into Anime, DnD, and videogames overall. Still play the old old game Neverwinter Nights, and do enjoy rp. No, i do not, and will never LARP hehehe.

I also enjoy many outdoor activities, such as Paintball, hiking, horseback riding, and martial arts (the fact it would be outside, rather than just a dojo). Going to Lane CC down in Eugene in 3 weeks, looking forward to getting out of washington state, as it is never ever nice outside. Plan to major in Psych, eventually transferring over to Oregon University.

Top-Anime 6-10

6. FLCL (love the randomness and style)

7. Princess Mononoke (a classic anime, enjoyed it greatly)

8. Black Lagoon: Second Barrage (kept up the first seasons pace, cannot wait for a third)

9.Bleach (though many dislike it for being a run of the mill anime, i like watching through the continued storyline, and seeing each of the characters develope.)

10. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (saw this show on adultswim, and loved it from the start. Something about it just pulled me in and wouldn't let go)

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Elminster says...

Welcome to the site =D  Awesome top 5 btw, loved em all.

May 23, 2008