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From the New World

Dec 26, 2013


To begin with, I will try to spoil the least possible through this review so it should be safe to read if you haven't watched this anime (you should right now!).

The main themes are Dystopia and Fear.

The story begins with what looks like an utopia, as the village seems to be at peace for a long time. Everyone had telekinetic powers but didn't use it for bad purposes. The people knew that their everyday life were somewhat unusual, but everyone accepted those facts without any questions. However the thruth won't stay hidden very soon for the childrens in group one that suspected something was wrong after the disappearance of two of their classmates.

This anime will question the basic fundamentals of the human society, its morals and its way of thinking.

I would add the fact that the story is pretty confusing at first, and never gives any real solid awnsers through its entirety. If you don't like thinking during the anime or staying confused until the end, don't watch this anime.

Story (10/10)

Plot (10/10)

Early in the first arc, everything is slow-paced, the children slowly discover what is wrong with their society, however, the story doesn't only explain the point of view of the humans, the story will slowly develop and present to the viewers unexpected aspects of the world they live in and the truth about the past and the origins of ; their society ; the mutant animals ; and especially the Monster Rats.

While it would be pretty simple to assume everyone would take the side of the Humans (with telekinetic powers) throughout the story, but how can we define a "human"? A being with intelligence? Does other intelligent beings deserve the same rights as humans?

There is quite a bit of scientific references in the story, but despite some discrepancies, it is very well built and seems very probable (except the telekinetic bit).

This anime will let you reflect deeply on the definition of good and bad.

Universe (10/10)

The universe is really unique and solid, you can't find any flaw in its own context.

The story fits very well with the universe, and you can't help but think that the story was made for the universe, not the reverse. This makes it unparalleled.

Animation (10/10)

There is nothing to say about the animation except that it is just beautiful. You can consider some scenes "art".

It describes very well how the characters are feeling and thinking, especially when they depict the psychological scenes.

Sounds (9.5/10)

The sounds can be considered well above average, every little detail can be heard and the music fits very well with the contex and mood of a scene. Not to mention you will want to listen the two EDs over and over.

Note : This anime doesn't feature a OP song. The story starts right away.

Characters (9/10)

While you can say the main characters were very well developped, I couldn't help but notice that there were a lot of "disposable" characters in the anime who appeared only to disappear or die minutes after and never coming back.

Each person in the main cast was unique, and complemented well each other. However, there isn't a lot of screen time for anyone except the Male and Female Leads of this show. (Squealer had somewhat a lot)

Overall and Conclusion (9.63/10)

This could easily be my top #1 anime since it approaches so many aspects of our everyday life that we don't even notice (as revenge, despair and conquest). This is also true to the characters in their world.

This is an anime not to be missed, it is very thought-provoking and well developped.

Weighted Average Calculation

Story           0.40 (/2.5)
Plot              0.30
Universe        0.20
Animation    0.15 (/6.6)
Sounds        0.15 (/6.6)
Characters   0.30 (/3.3)
Overall         1.00 (/1.0)

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.6/10 overall
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IRoronoaZoroI Mar 17, 2014

Loved this anime, was a great watch!