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Bloc97's list of animes you have to watch before you die.

Memorable and thought-provoking animes that you would remember for a long time after watching them. All great masterpieces and you should watch them.

Honorable Mentions (Cont'd of Top 10)

Good animes that didn't feature on my top 10 list.

Outstanding Anime Plots

Anime that will make you want more starting from the first episode.

Top 10 Animes of All Time

Top animes of all time based on their plot and enjoyability.

Top Animes based on Story (Not childish)

Best animes based on plot which aren't childish. Example of Childish animes are SAO, Toradora, and other fantasy-themed animes. I have nothing against childish plots, but I decided to make a list for those who want a good anime without childish...