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Hi Everyone,

Im new on this site, but I've heard that the guys from would be here, thats why I made an account.

I begann seing animes when I found the site aprox. 3 years ago. My user name at was Bleach and im also known as bleachfromanime6org

Im a 21 year old guy :D

I hope and expect everyone to be nice and having a nice tone while writing to each other, everyone needs respect and if we want to be a team, then we have to act like one and follow the rules about harrassing. :D thx friends

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TheMajor5 Oct 30, 2011

Haven't read much new manga that i am aware of.  - anything with a 10 is a def rec.  Been reading webtoons (korean manga) more than anything.  Some really good series out there.  But you could look at my profile for manga recs and webcomics.

As for anime?  Shit i have been watching that like mad lately.  Working on bokurano right now.  But a good couple recs might be: Beck, Code Geass +r2, Redline (movie), Birdy +season2, and 12 kingdoms.  I just recently watched 12 kingdoms and loved it.  All the above anime are IMO incredible in some way or another.  Definetly worth watching if nothing else.

As for everything else, been carving pumpkins, as seen on Facebook and working.  Watch anime on my free time and ponder the meaning of life in my free time between my free time.  Also watched Brian regan standup on youtube last night, cried laughing.  Everything with out been cool?

Hyourinmaru7 Feb 17, 2011

hooooooooly snap lol i havent seen you in ages bro haha

yeah anime6 chat is deaaaaaad :/

i dont really talk to anyone from there anymore basically just woflie beo fruba and on the occasion major lol. hows life bro?

VongolaPrimo Feb 5, 2011

yo wuz up

got some manga recc for u

sun-ken rock


saikyou densetsu kurosawa

onani master kurosawa



ubel blatt


green boy

Red soul

zippy ziggy

samurai deeper kyou


King of Hell

till death do us apart


BB project


Angel Densetsu


TheMajor5 Feb 4, 2011

blane, is you're new name bleach.  I can't stand calling you an anime name.  (bl)each(an)im(e).

Also another thing, stop say hehe.  It sounds like a fairy/gay person's type of language or something.  I don't know where you stand but T_T, don't keep saying it every senetnce.

Berserk has very few rivals in the seinen department.

Meh simplistic (though i like the name).  He was in college i beelive and didn't have the money or something.  I pretty don't care nor do i get upset.  I go to few anime sites that are probably better in my opinion.  It was fun but after all mah hard work, i kinda just feel indifferent and don't particularly care.  Still talk to Ras and very seldom Mady.

Yeah if you like the same genres as me, you can't go wrong with my recs.  I mean, i like ecchi,MA,action,adventure,fantasy,scifi,gore.  That is about my main goal when searching for a manga, is to include most of those if possible.