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My name's Luke. I love/like:

+ Animals (Badgers <3)

+ manga & anime (my second oxygen) which i started to read/watch when i was about 7

+ horrors (movies as well as books)

+ listening to music (just like M&A)

+ playing games (not only computer games but basically them)

+ watching clouds

+ night

+ storm

+ vampires myths

+ red

+ dark red

+ black and red

+ fantasy (undead, necromancers and everything that's related to these is my favourite)

As for my's no longer in any order..there are just too many series i loved and i can't really decide on them, so if u just want to see which series were 'the best' for me, just look at my watched 4,5-5 stars ratings :)

I'm not very talkative, but i like to discuss and share thoughts about things that i find interesting (talking about anime and fantasy)

Hmm and since i wrote about what i love/like then maybe i'll say what i hate. And i hate people who hurt animals in any way. I'd do the same to them. I'd set a trap for poachers, and i wonder how would a cook feel when put in boiling water some sea animals. Maybe it sounds a bit psychotic, but that's what i feel when i think about it. I love animals more than people and animals' enemy is my enemy. If You are interested in my minor dislikes, You can always contact me on msn or just comment me, but i don't think anyone would be.


Oh and if someone has interest in it...through music i mean: classical music, rock, hardcore, metal, gothic metal, games/anime soundtracks and japanese music (mostly anime's opening and ending songs, but not only)

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Lolo Nov 19, 2007

Hi! Sorry it took so long for the reply! Well I think I really love Revolutionary Girl Utena beause of the main character Utena. She is strong, loyal, brave, and kind. Utena would do anything for people expecially the one she loves. The story itself is bitter sweet tragedy. I cried like a baby at the end. Ummmm yea I'm not good at reviews...well I just love animes with strong female leads and animes that make me cry... cause im a sap :)

Rohtall Nov 16, 2007

its Jo from Burst Angel

melonjuice Nov 14, 2007
nice avatar i love saber
Weilin37 Nov 6, 2007

hey, by the way i finished nodame cantabile, and am now watching the drama version.

it's very good, thanks for recommending it to me.  =]

NeoDimond Oct 31, 2007

Very specfic profile you have there, Thanks for the drop by and comment. And the WoW site is h**p:// Replace the ** with tt ofcourse. And Mabey i'll see you there.

Also Nice top five to you aswell, I've never seen Nodame Cantabile mabey i should check it out.