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I am an aspiring author from Toledo, Ohio. I write fantasy and science fiction for the most part, the best two genres in the world. I occasionally dabble in other areas like inspirational fiction, but my heart lies with unicorns, worm holes, and things that go bump in the night.

I'm currently doing the college thing, working toward getting my degree at The University of Toledo in the English department. I'm trying to find a career that can tide me over till a publisher actually decides to read some of my stuff. I'm thinking I'll teach. After all, what could be better than sitting around and talking English with a bunch of English geeks all day? (Besides maybe being a PA on the Supernatural set *wink*)

I'm also an actress, though I don't do as much in that area as I would like. I find it difficult to find parts I'm willing to try out for, and even more difficult to actually get myself to audition. My introverted, stay-at-home-alone-and-avoid-all-human-interface self tends to win out most of the time despite my intentions, but I do love being on stage. There's something about entertaining, pretending to be someone else, and just standing there under those bright lights that just gets to me. And the part I love the most, the part that both acting and writing have in common, is showing people why life is worth living. I believe that the best books, the best movies, the best plays, they all show us the reasons why we push on to live another day. They show us how to be better people. How to lead better lives. And it's not just the mushy Pollyanna plays either, I think all plays, books, movies, etc. worth their salt do it, be it comedy, action, tragedy, or drama.

And maybe it's because sometimes I need it, I need to be told that life is worth pushing on for, that I'm worth pushing on for. And if I need to be told, I think chances are someone else does to, and wouldn't it be great if I could be the one to do it? So I guess you could call it a romantic vision of the media, but that's where I stand, and I guess that's kinda me in a nutshell.

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DuskFey says...

secret of the stellar wars- ep 1

real bout high school- ep 1-3

death note- ep 1-3

bleach- ep 24-38 or so.

Jul 4, 2010
laceandgrace says...

ZOMG. I found you! =D (This is Lacey, oh yeah.)

May 23, 2010
DuskFey says...

Hey! Saw that you're also awake. Wondered if you could tell me if I could come over tomorrow/today to get a copy of the Orfeo project requirements. Or if you'd scan them and email them to me? Either would be awesome!

May 1, 2010
DuskFey says...

I hit episode 24, and you MUST watch Fairy Tail. That is a DIRECT ORDER, young lady!

Apr 23, 2010
DuskFey says...

I figured it out. (There wasn't a button to click on, and that made me sad.) Still, I got the yunas up, which is better than nothing! :)

Dec 22, 2009