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I've been a fan of Anime since 2006 and a fan of Manga since 2008. I've been coming back for Anime because I can experience lives I would normally never live, that's how I feel about it. My honest experiences with Anime range from getting nearly traumatized (School Days) to feeling complete like I live life to the fullest (Little Busters!).

Currently my top 5 favorite Anime:

5. Angel Beats!
4. Rurouni Kenshin
3. Acchi Kocchi
2. Kanon
1. Little Busters!

Currently my top 5 least favorite Anime:

5. He Is My Master
4. Eiken
3. Tokimeki Memorial
2. Attack on Titan
1. School Days

As you can see, I am a fan of good Drama series, especially the KEY Visual Novels. My least favorite genres are by far Sport and Mecha. And ever since Sword Art Online I began to ignore Season Highlighters (the Anime that is most popular per season) because I noticed people dress them pretier than they are (hello Mirai Nikki).

For me an Anime has a basic formula in process from beginning to end:
1. First episode does not include an OP or ED. The entire episode is dedicated to the story.
2. The last episode only includes the OP to boom the emotions build up during the run.
-This doesn't, however, mean that I dislike it if it takes its own formula-

I don't see myself back as a stereotype of Anime watchers, sometimes referring myself as a Rogue. But I always follow my heart and honor the original. I can also get really passionate about Anime and my experience to the point I can annoy people. And everyone says it to me, and I know it the very best of them all, but I really wish for my life to be an Anime Drama story. I just can't stop loving it.

My current Anime to watch list consists of over 200 Anime and grows at an average rate of 10/season. Because of this I will probably not watch Anime when they are fresh, but I can make exceptions. I am far from ending my adventure with Anime and as I see it right now, I am not even close to conclude my beginning.

I'm also a big fan and collector of Manga. I am not as active with Manga as I am with Anime, but my heart lies true here as well. Since my first Manga, which was Naruto which I now have dropped, I was hooked on the unique style of storytelling. I believe that Light Novels and Manga have more potential than Anime, but for some scenes you really need to combine both.

My top 5 favorite Manga are:

5. Elfen Lied
4. Claymore
3. Fullmetal Alchemist
2. The Record of a Fallen Vampire
1. Berserk

My top 5 least favorite Manga aren't interesting as I drop Manga if I don't like it and never talk about it again. But it follows the very same formula for Anime, but I can enjoy some series more because Manga is one of the 3 major origins for Anime (The other being Light Novel and Visual Novel).

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theresdebaucheryx Aug 28, 2010

Ahh cool :)

I like that Elfen Lied is your top anime :D

That series was some cool shit! Nyuu!

theresdebaucheryx Aug 28, 2010

Hello :)

You said: "And I also have to thank you for some Anime I never tried to pick up"

Just curious, what anime's would they be?


sothis Jun 5, 2010

there's an 'explicit content' tag which encompasses both very gory/violent and very explicitly (sexually) series, so you might want to check that out.