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kirant says...

Nope.  Canada. (Calgary in specific)

Jul 19, 2010
Wander says...

I just added that line for dramatic effect :p 

No, there aren't any plot twists but the ending did remind me of Donnie Darko.  But unlike D. Darko, you won't get any weird sci-fi magic portal hocus pocus.  There's just a lot to think about throughout the entire movie that can only be explained through personal interpretation.  Its actually probably a good thing there isn't any plot twists, though.  You'd be too confused to even understand it was a twist.

Jul 12, 2010
AngelsMyName says...

And if u were talking aboutn the picture i was thinking of changing it :]

Jul 10, 2010
AngelsMyName says...

Uhhh I Diden't Really Like Clannad I Have No Reason why i Just Dident

Ahaha I Dunno That Thing bout the avatar If Ur Talking About The Pic I Just Found It on a Site. :D

(I Am A.....Person That Thinks Fairys And Unicorns Are Real)

Jul 10, 2010
AnimeKidd says...

ok! :D THANK YOU!! 

Jul 9, 2010