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Xarame says...

well, i have 1-4 subjects in a day.... classes can is at most 4 a day, but we have lo~ng lessons, so we cut the lesson so that we have a few pauses, like when we have 2.5 hours of language, it's divied into three parts...... xD

LOL, so fast, here they only debate about what the others do wrong or say the same thing over and over again >.< i hate politics..... xD

Sep 9, 2010
Xarame says...

xD well, at the moment i have so much hw i have to do it..... but i still do it very slow xD like one hw in 3hours XD good luck with debate? xD i hate those things >.<

Sep 7, 2010
chihinoke22 says...

I actually do know what the manga is going to be about, but not the story line. I know that there is a girl ninja, a male pirate, a perverted old man and a dragon. I have to draw a dragon giving birth too. O.o

Sep 4, 2010
pokopori says...

Ahaha thanks for the thought though :)  Its true, nothing is quite as breathtaking as Code Geass now that I've been fed its high standard... Death Note is actually stalled for me (I might have to change the status).  After you know who died, I totally lost interest in it :(  but, if it lives up to CG standards (I think that'll be an official standard for me now), I'll pick it back up again :)

Sep 1, 2010
Kaorichaos says...

Ah i see, yea other people reccomended it to me i haven't seen any of these before. I have a gore list on my profile that i've seen and was asking for more titles because i've gone through most of the "Popular ones" Thanks though, do you have any good suggestions?

Aug 30, 2010