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chihinoke22 Sep 4, 2010

I actually do know what the manga is going to be about, but not the story line. I know that there is a girl ninja, a male pirate, a perverted old man and a dragon. I have to draw a dragon giving birth too. O.o

pokopori Sep 1, 2010

Ahaha thanks for the thought though :)  Its true, nothing is quite as breathtaking as Code Geass now that I've been fed its high standard... Death Note is actually stalled for me (I might have to change the status).  After you know who died, I totally lost interest in it :(  but, if it lives up to CG standards (I think that'll be an official standard for me now), I'll pick it back up again :)

Kaorichaos Aug 30, 2010

Ah i see, yea other people reccomended it to me i haven't seen any of these before. I have a gore list on my profile that i've seen and was asking for more titles because i've gone through most of the "Popular ones" Thanks though, do you have any good suggestions?

BlackZeroOblivion Aug 21, 2010

Comming back on your reply on my blog.

Schools Day has a bad ending as in unhappy.

pokopori Aug 13, 2010

Hi BlackVoid!  Thanks for your comment on my blog again :)

I definitely found it to be incredibly sad.  I felt like there were so many unfortunate turn of events that caused deaths that never should've happened.  The massacre was accidental and it was such a shame that it happened.  Shirley's was an act of protectiveness from Rolo, another character that I loved, despite what he did.  It just made me so sad that things turned out the way they did for them.  Finally, with Lelouch... his entire situation was so sad to me.  From his mother to his lineage to his relationship with Suzaku and Nunnally... it tugged my heartstrings.  And his ending (although there is debate...) made me almost mourn.  Even now, I can't watch the ending without becoming teary.

I think the OST had a huge part to do with it.  I've always been super sensitive to the background music of anything I watch.  Code Geass's OST has a sadness that is incredibly unfortunate and makes me want to cry. 

That or maybe I'm just a emotional sucker haha :)