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Cadeenz Sep 19, 2010

I was gonna do that, but I epicly failed. (a friend crashed in) But I did finished couple of movies. I guess I have to watch the rest of the movies some other time. lol.

pokopori Sep 13, 2010

I think I got through a couple eps of Monster waaaaaaay back in the day but stalled it because it was too intense.  I'll prob pick it up again :)  Keep me posted on any new findings you have :D

Jet Sep 10, 2010

 "I speak 4 languages. English, British, Irish, and Canadian."

Hey, are you for real? :).

Xarame Sep 9, 2010

well, i have 1-4 subjects in a day.... classes can is at most 4 a day, but we have lo~ng lessons, so we cut the lesson so that we have a few pauses, like when we have 2.5 hours of language, it's divied into three parts...... xD

LOL, so fast, here they only debate about what the others do wrong or say the same thing over and over again >.< i hate politics..... xD

Xarame Sep 7, 2010

xD well, at the moment i have so much hw i have to do it..... but i still do it very slow xD like one hw in 3hours XD good luck with debate? xD i hate those things >.<