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Leonni28 avatar Leonni28


Oct 5, 2010

Ahh yes I kinda see what you mean :)

Thank you! Yeah that was the most difficult part to draw.

Leonni28 avatar Leonni28

Thanks! ^_^

Oct 2, 2010

Hey! Thanks for the comment! How does she look a bit young, just wondering so I could improve? :)

Lol it took around 2 hours :)

Cadeenz avatar Cadeenz


Sep 19, 2010

I was gonna do that, but I epicly failed. (a friend crashed in) But I did finished couple of movies. I guess I have to watch the rest of the movies some other time. lol.

pokopori avatar pokopori


Sep 13, 2010

I think I got through a couple eps of Monster waaaaaaay back in the day but stalled it because it was too intense.  I'll prob pick it up again :)  Keep me posted on any new findings you have :D

Jet avatar Jet


Sep 10, 2010

 "I speak 4 languages. English, British, Irish, and Canadian."

Hey, are you for real? :).

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