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SweetKittyForever15 Nov 7, 2010

Yeah I was going to ask if you would be he's friend he's my boyfriend by the way and yet he has no friends excepted me so, if you would that would be nice of you. Yes I know he is nice

SweetKittyForever15 Nov 7, 2010

I don't know I actually just found it on line. But your welcome, can I ask a favor if you don't mind

MyImmortal Nov 5, 2010

Thanks for the blog comment, yeah there are a good band Hello is definitely one my fav's along with bring me to life, yeah I know really late reply sry bout that

SweetKittyForever15 Nov 4, 2010

Hey love the profile its so cool and awesome and love the username

jtir123 Nov 3, 2010

Design courses are long since they're project based courses. I have five classes o_o' but I'm not stressing at all because I have a surprising amount of leisure time (due to squeezing all my work into one night xD).