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So, 203 episodes and what to say about it? It's shounen, that's sure, but in my opinion it's for younger audience, who won't think about it so deep as me.

That was the first thing that crossed my mind from the beginning, but it was kind of cute nad entertaining if you endured the first 20 episodes, i think. And that's it. It's easy to start watching it than it becomes hard to endure these first episodes, but if you can manage through it will become fine. And finally you will start to feel that someone is doing fun of you with characters, which have no progress in whole anime and what was at start cute and fine now start to be annoying and it's still harder and harder to continue watching (the plot is starting to wear off, as you are :D ) and it's really, really hard to not fall asleep or not to grab your computer and throw it out from window, when you're watching last few episodes.

I really over and over again thought to myself: "why didn't they do this, it's perfectly logic and the fastest way to do it", but really? They don't do it :D and other things of course

Okay, so overview. Story is not so good as it could be, characters have no development through the long story and there are some illogical things that really angered me.

On the other side, music is really good, animation is quite okay and in the half it was really enjoyable, but it wasn't enough. Unfortunately. As I said in the beginning I think that I'm too old for this s... tuff, I said stuff.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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HourGlass Nov 5, 2011

I am at episode 16 right now... and its killing me to keep watching it. I have to force myself to click on that next episode. Its causing me to hate it so much...

But I've heard so many great things about it. A couple of friends of mine in school and a lot more online told me it was like the best anime ever as long as i got through the first 20-25 episodes. I honestly don't think I can make that far D: Its truley and utterly horrible

coolyfooly Oct 17, 2011

I watched 15 episodes. Usually if the first doesn't do it might as well drop it, but it had the older crappy artwork so I figured wth maybe it needs some leeway.

Well after 15 episodes of leeway I was tired of that squeaky voice, cowardace to the extreme, and half naked rage mode kid.

Maybe it gets better somewhere 30 40 50 episodes in. But like the center of a tootsie pop, I sure as hell will never know.

JConan23 Mar 26, 2011

if they killed off the character Lambo this anime would be much better. but it was still very good. what i really like was that charcters developed more fighting abilities. so its not just "kage boushin no jutsu..Rasengan" or "Getsuga...Tenshou!" They got new abilities not just just power ups. And I love how almost every character has his own little catch phrase. "Ho-ho" "Voooooooi!"

MikeSinner Feb 7, 2011

I'm up to 70 episdoes so far and I completely agree, the two parts where there's an actual story going on is pretty good, but the rest around it feels a bit like the bad type of Naruto or Bleach fillers. There's no real story going on, no point to it and i't always turns into something where Tsuna gets "reborn" and does some more retarded stuff and end up emberassed in his underwear somewhere.Still going to go through all of it though, once I start an anime I have to finish it... Unless it really was terrible to begin with, but that's why I check here first to see if I should bother. And after writing this, I'll go and check up on what this seinen and shounen stuff is about on wiki, because I have no idea what it means. =PAh, seinen=boys   shounen=adult... Well, that makes sense, already expected something like that but wasn't sure. Just like when some girl was talking about yaoi and I was like what?! And then found out that I didn't actually want to know... >_<Anyway, yes this is probably more suited for a younger audience, but that still doesn't mean they're allowed to keep the characters from maturing. Any normal human being would learn from their mistakes and would learn to deal with certain things and so far even the smart kids still are clueless and that's just strange.Besides, in an earlier episode it said that Yamamoto was actually very smart when he puts his mind to it, then how come that is ignored throughout the rest of the story and he's just playing dumb and "thinks it's all just a game"...So, anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest... =P I'll continue watching now and see if it stays like that... Although you basically already said so... =(

BlackThorne Nov 8, 2010

I think I was objective when I did this review. I saw it all, other way I can't afford to write it. Maybe it wasn't my cup of tea, maybe I'm too old for it (as I wrote in there, actually twice) and maybe it's just because of the anime itself (it's not oav so...), but it's my right to write my opinion about it. I see that you are also reading a manga, so you must say that fillers, as always, really did drag it down.

And as you speak, you must also admit, that if it is one of your favourite anime of all time, you can't be unbiased at all.