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Trigun was like a vacation or holiday, that you never weant to end. Trigun: Badlands Rumble is like the first day of school, when you have to go to that "ugly, old" building full of memories from summer. You have to sit down and start listening to some old fart, who pretends to speak about something interesting. But suddenly you realize that you are naked and everybody is looking at you. At that moment you wake up in cold sweat and out of breath. You look at you calendar just to find out you have still some days left.

Just to be clear, and without any comparsions, Trigun movie was just awesome. It's expansion of amazing universum and one of the top anime you'll ever see. And in BluRay!

Vash is the same silly-willy kind of plant we used to love, Wolfwood is still way cooler than many of "sidekicks" we are usually served and pair of insurance agents Meryl and Milly is playing just second violin (as we say in Czech Republic, basically they are minor characters here :D), what more we could wish for. Oh I almost forgot. There's one new smoking hot, that kind you don't even think of inviting to prom night (and with little exaggeration, almost only woman in town) and apparently man-alergic girl, Amelia-chwaaan! Of course that Vash can't leave her alone and their chemistry is great.

If you are Gunsmoke virgin you can watch this movie too. It has not so many references to anime because characters are clearly introduced and their relationships are not of much importance. You can just go with premise, that they know each other and that's all you need.

For that matter, Trigun: Badlands Rumble is great and there's no way around it and you can certainly watch it aside from the series, but as stand alone film you won't have the same feeling, because you won't come back to something you like and for some is always good to know some background for characters and universum. As clearly as I can say it, you won't get it here. On one side it's good, because it means that some of you will watch original series, but on the other side for some it can be a drag down.

FINAL OVERVIEW: Basic story isn't really something. It's story about two revenge and how it can mix up when Vash is on the stage. It's more about atmosphere and how the story is told than the story itself. In the characters section I valued them based on series, I admit it. As I try to be objective I can't substract myself from original Trigun. You may not found them as deep or characterized as you want to. My only advise is go and wacth the original.

Animation is on top level here, details won't change characters or background. Fights are fluent and nice to watch. Sound and music are as western should have.

So, if you like space cowboys and scifi western in general, this is the place. Just preapre good horse, get yourselves pair of guns, put some of your money in the boots and keep change for water machine in desert and you should be fine.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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