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Jan 16, 2013

X-men is one of my favourite comics, so I was again curious what have happened to famous brand.

They started great, maybe better to say good. Pace was established and even if it wasn't action-packed it was a promise of something pretty decent. Unfortunately they couldn't fulfill it. As it started slow, it continued being slow and when we finally get some action it was just fast and shallow watch.

It's a shame that with a brand like that they couldn't do more. I don't know if they think that everybody knows X-men, "let's focus more on the story, then characters", but they did not. Story of anime isn't something you will tell your friends about. You will most likely hide the fact that you watched it and begin nervously laughing when somebody ask you: "How was it?". Through these very slow, non-action and talking mostly episodes we got nothing of real value to enrich X-men universum. Towards the end it became just lame, crying and whining and not very convincing idealism, crowned with 'hippies, let's hold hands and sing umbaya around fire' happy ending.

FINAL OVERVIEW: I already said enough about the story. It's just like 'beach' episodes of anime. You look at it, you maybe like something, but you really don't take it seriously. What to say about characters, it almost become one man show of Cyclops leading it everything with his "deep" suffering and everybody else was just standing behind and look tough. They just failed to put depth to characters we had and we didn't have much. I wouldn't mind there were only few of mutants (I don't count in few shots at the end) if they were any good. Dubious idealism and naivity of Armor was irritating and throughout whole story I didn't see even one good reason why she should be with the famous X-men. Also doctor, who lied from the beginning and nobody bothered to question her or maybe scan her mind(???), got on my nerves very much.

Animation was without big flaws and it was very nice watch, apartfrom Emma's enormous forehead, why, really WHY? I didn't find anything bad about music and sound in general, but I cannot say anything good either.

All around, it just wasn't X-men, it hasn't it's unique feel and atmosphere. And I would recommend to treat it the same way as Bart Simpson's "bad" twin brtoher. Just lock it up on your attic and pray that no one will ever find out about it.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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