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Batman: Gotham Knight

Jan 15, 2013

Batman, more than a name, more than a man, it's idea itself.

As I'm an average fan of Batman and I recently played Arkham City I looked forward to see what japanization of DC titles did to him. After solid one and half hour watch I must say that I'm not so happy about it. What once worked for Animatrix does not quite work here. I don't mind changes of styles, on the contrary I found Tekkon Kinkreet animation for 'Have I Got a Story for You' pretty interesting. After the first shock went off, I admit.

As I was saying, if you want to do bunch of shorts that have in common just universe and theme, it is just fine. Here was Batman changed as often as underwear at a diarrhoea conference and it didn't do a great service for film as whole. I don't mean it only by exterior, but even interior as we can't pretty much find out anything deeper about Bruce, not to mention other characters.

I'm not sure that Gotham Night can appreciate others than bat fan, but in the same time, those people will perhaps condemn it, because of unique styles of animation.

FINAL OVERVIEW: I just can't give many points to the story as each piece have it's own and as a film it feels fragmented and little confuse. But I must highlight 'Working through Pain' and 'Dead-Shot' as the best parts. Characters, as stated above, just couldn't be as deep as they deserve and as they should be in Batman's stories.

Music and sound were very good, dark, instrumental.. almost want to say batman-like. They did a great job here and I also appreciated that Batman spoke by the voice of Kevin Conroy. Animation is great and from aesthetical point of view I really enjoyed different styles as well as depiction variety of batsuits, although I don't know why Batman "changed" to crow in 'Field Test'.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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