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Over Drive

Jan 14, 2013

Overdrive is sport anime about young boy, who would like to impress his school love by joining her brother's cycling club. Well, at least at the beginning. After this intro to our "hero's" life, this whining, clumsy, no-good guy finds out that bicycle is something he could love and also something that can make him exceptional.

I don't know, but I'm kind of fed up with main characters always whining and be no good at all, only to find out later, that they are actually something special. And Mikoto (who's name I wasn't able to remember half of the way) is really king of whingers. Kobayakawa Sena and even Sawada Tsunayoshi are left far behind. King is dead, long live the king!

It's a really slow paced anime (which is not a bad thing, just saying) and it won't get better even when they start racing. That's a little problem from my point of view. What I expect from sport anime is some tension and drama at least in the "sport" part. You definitely won't get this here. Race is unnecessary disturbed by flashbacks (even for side, unimportant characters) and there is far too many of them. Almost everytime when you expect that things will get exciting, you get at least one flashback of character's past, revealing his motivations or background. And it drags down the pace of race and story. To that account, I should also say, that I really don't understand what (By the name of great Tour de France) was that ABC love segment doing in one of the late episodes. It wasn't very funny, but it was completely out of place.

This series also lacks one thing that's by my opinion very important. After I saw Eyeshiled 21, I went to training of american football. After I saw Slam Dunk, I bought basket ball and from that time am going out to play some ball with my friend. After Hikaru no Go, I started to read rules of Go... Every one of them made me take interest to some degree. After I saw Overdrive, I had no intention to go to my attic and dust off my old bike, not at all.

FINAL OVERVIEW: I couldn't put much points to stroy, beacause story itself is really nothing special on the field of sports anime, it's just average, unfinished and heavily open-ended. When it comes to characers, I think that's the strong side of Overdrive. I can feel their motivations, get to know them by background stories and I begin to like them, even though it's paid out by dynamic of story. Humor here is almost always based on Mikoto's whining, which is getting irritating sometimes.

Music was very good, and I'm sure I will remember few themes for sime time. Animation was very good although I can't forgive it few computer animations segments, which I really hate.

So, don't get me wrong here, I said a lot of "bad" stuff about Overdrive, but in general I liked it very much. It defenitely wasn't boring and I didn't have to force myself to keep watching. Clicking 'next episode' everytime was just natural.

It was nice, easy and fast ride and I hope memories won't go off as easy as bruises on my butt :D

5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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