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Flame of Recca

Jan 12, 2013

Well, after my little personal crisis, when I stopped watching any new anime, because for some time I couldn't find anything as good and entertaining as what I already saw, I wanted to pick wisely. I wanted some action, some fighting which I like and so after few reviews I picked Flame of Recca. Shouldn't have done that...

Remaining text may contain some minor spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin your watch, please skip to my final review.

From not very conclusive start it evolved to one of the biggest cliché factory of shounen fighting anime. Rekka (/Recca in english version, for some reason) is a little simple-minded (check) boy, who is the best fighter around (check) interested in ninjas and have a crush for a girl (check) which for him means he must call her "hime" - princess - and become her ninja to protect her. He has few other fighters from his high school folowing him around and trying to beat him for various not very interesting reasons (check & check), who will become eventually his friends (check) or at least allies (check; don't forget that one dude, who is always gloomy and states, that he's not friend, he's just helping for his own reasons... KAKOI - we should say, but we DON'T). I don't want to bore you with checking out of my list of cliché, so I will stop and move forward.

As we proceed with the story, there is, of course, villain, who wants something our hero has, but is too... good(?) to just take it. It's so much better to arrange fight tournament and wait for hero to get stronger, because it's bigger fun like that. Don't get me wrong, I can understand guy's need to fight and to fight someone strong, that's everything all right with me, but... It's a big 'but', because you don't really believe these characters. Through the series I couldn't attach my feeling with any of the characters, I just didn't buy anything they did and say.

Other than that, this story has just too much. Too much of talking in the middle of battles and explaining their most secret techniques, too much crying from side character, who must be there, yet she can't handle her friends get hurt for her sake. Even after they like million times say to her, that it's ok, and they will fight for her. Too much name callings and face shots of side characters, which must comment everything (or say at least name again). Too much self proving through batlle and so on. I think that we could get under 20 episodes if we cut out all this filler. Don't get me wrong I watched a lot of shounen fighting series just to know that all of this is part of it, but there was just too much to handle... yeah, and I forgot too much screaming.

Last, but not least were such things like a girl, who evereone wants to protect, and who by mmo games language is healer and so have a great deal of importance. This girl thinks like it's a good idea agreeing to give herself to hands of villain if their team lose fight, because she feels like she's doing nothing. (It's the same girl, who must scream fighters to stop fighting, cry and occasionally pass out, that Yanagi girl is for sure on my hate list :D ). From other, for example I really liked when in one battle they say that comrades can't interfere or help, in the second battle enemy commander just walks in the middle of fight to ring and improves his fighter, in the third battle the good guys are saved by friend and thus his victory from before is canceled, and in the last case when the combatant is saved again, combatant is marked like looser of her round.

There are some other bothersome things, but I already wrote long enough. So for my

FINAL OVERVIEW: Story is just your random, bellow average fighting shounen, characters don't really undergo no mentionable growth through story and you just can't feel with them and believe in them as in the story too.

Animation is average (I know it is older anime!) and with swift movements during fights it gets sometimes funny. I really can't criticize voiceacting as seiyu did great job (wouldn't mind less screaming, but it's not their fault). And music was forgettable, but on the other side it wasn't irritating either.

Fights itself wasn't very iteresting and the climax was very fast (but I grew up on DB, so you can cross this note out) and not at all satisfying so I will eventually read manga to see the differences and ending as it is unfinished business in anime, but for now I really couldn't enjoy this series as it has so many flaws I just can't ignore or forgive.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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