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High School Debut

Dec 30, 2009

yay my first review!!!(sorry its too short or watever!) well anyways......I loved this manga!!!! Back when it would be updated on mangafox i was probably the first one to read the latest chapter cuz i thought it was that good!kinda still sad that its over!!! >.< anyways...the story revolves around a optimistic girl who is dreaming to land a boyfriend in high school(this usually practically every girl's dream..haha)after going through middle school being a tomboy and super athletic.The only prob is that she has the fashion sense of a dead rat!(excuse my bad analogy!!!)The only possible grim light of hope is Yoh,a boy who is loved by all the girls and has extremely awesome fashion sense.However....HE HATES GIRLS.then things happen(dont want to spoil alot) and he decides to help her and yahdy yadhy yadda.....! the main thing im trying to get across is that its a great series!lol. of course the main chick is a ditz so problems occur....watelse......well all i really got to day  is that its heartwarming and gets u addicted! a must read(:

9/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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