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Lucky Heroines!

30 DEC

k so this is my first blog so i hope u enjoy!!!*kinda sappy sorry*

Anime and manga are simply something right now in my life(and im sure for many others) something i just cannot live without!especially shoujo.i am a girl and sadly enough i do enjoy the heartwarming love stories! i mean u just love them and wish the same things would happen to you in real life sometimes!but something that ive noticed is that ALL or MOSTLY ALL the main heroins are either clutsy or (im sorry to say it) really stupid.yet somehow they always get the guy! i mean common! is there really any girl that dense?!? i mean people at least have common sense! another thing, is there really any guy out ther that still does those really sweet acts of love?sure there are some who do something cute once in a while, but in animes sometimes it does seem too good to be true.sometimes all we can do is hope to find the one guy that wins our hearts just like in our fav shoujo manga.DAMN U MANGAKAS FOR  GETTING OUR HOPES UP!!!!(jk we love you for creating them!)i have to admit thought that some heroines are smart and (kinda hard to put this)realistic.which is something i enjoy.we chrish these stories either way.And they become our escape from our hardships(in the battle of love)in reality.


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KiraRin avatar KiraRin
Dec 31, 2009

Some of the strongest female leads come in action shows, such as Berserk and Claymore. Or maybe even try Ghost in the Shell for women with balls :P


SilentWarlock avatar SilentWarlock
Dec 31, 2009

I suggest you read Kare Kano, the manga (the anime isn't nearly as good as the manga).  I noticed you had it in your Want to Read list already, but figured it deserves a +1; it sounds like something you'd like based on what you said here.

AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Dec 31, 2009

Skip Beat. Go read/watch it. Best shoujo heroine ever.

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