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October 15, 2007

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April 15, 2013

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sasnin14 avatar sasnin14


Oct 18, 2007

  hey this might sound crazy, but i'am writing u from school!!!!!

sasnin14 avatar sasnin14


Oct 16, 2007


don't even worry about u're english, actually I think is pretty good.^_^

as u might already discover, english is my 2nd language, -n- some times it gets pretty hard too!! well, what can I tell u about myself........ one of the reasons i luv this site is because u get to talk about anime -n- that is something i can't even think of doing here( they'll think i'm a weirdo) but not on this awesome site!!! i'm a normal person here. but as u can c I talk to much -n- not say a lot of stuff!!! -n- not bragging on myself but i'm actually really popular at school. and now i ask u hows life over in Finland? u might think i'm ignorant but i have no clue.

ZenithAstrali avatar ZenithAstrali


Oct 16, 2007

Sorry to hear that your beloved computer is broken. Hope it gets back in shape in no time. I normally go crazy when my compu dies on me


sasnin14 avatar sasnin14

You Rock!

Oct 15, 2007

 sup gurl!!

welcome! I'm actually new myself. u'll c that after u start doing reviews u won't be able 2 stop, cause it's actually really fun! I c that u're from Finland, I'm from uruguay in south america, but for right now I'm in the united states.

              well hope u have fun, -n- send me some notes or comments!!

sothis avatar sothis


Oct 15, 2007

Hi BlackNeko, just wanted to say welcome! :D If you want to do more chatting, come check out the forum... you have to create a separate account there, but there's lots of fun to be had. Also, check out the signature feature cause I just put it up and it's neat ^^ (just lcick "my signature" on th eleft).

anyways, welcome again! ^_^

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