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May 27, 2014

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Allisa avatar Allisa


Dec 27, 2011

happy birthday



sasnin14 avatar sasnin14


Apr 10, 2008

OH lol!

YOU ARE BAKK?! ^_^ ( i say back, because from last year, you hadn't come in here lol ) 

wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87

Nice Avatar!

Feb 27, 2008

Cute avatar!!!!

sasnin14 avatar sasnin14


Oct 24, 2007


 i got good news.... i really don't know how much do u spend on the internet,but.....  u might allready know this sites. this sites u get to watch anime, free!!! u can register -n- we can talk -n- send me private messeges, -n- then i can give u my e-mail!!! but don't forget to put all around the site, about this site(i have allready, i think that i put it even in my bio) the site i'm talking about is www.animefuel.com. then the other one is www.watchanimeonline.com but in that one i have a problem login in, but i send them a comment allready. for all this sites i'am sasnin14, so it's easy to find me, can u be BlackNecko there too? if it's ok. i like animefuel alot. well talk to ya leta!!! -n- tell me if u're goin' to register in animefuel.  byeeee!! :)

sasnin14 avatar sasnin14


Oct 22, 2007

what up?

 what u been up to? hey,have u made any rec?if u haven't u should, they're fun, specially sense u seen so many anime.who would i be let's c... it might sound dumb, but sakura i think is a smart ninja, -n- i think that is awesome!!!so sakura. -n- my kind would be a funny, romance with some scary parts.but in the other hand i like when in a anime have a really important plot, like in bleach -n- naruto. their stories are totally diferent but i think that their plot is so big, that that makes it interesting. plus those funny parts always are welcome with me.

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