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 Names Julie

Anime and manga's been my thing since 3 years ago to today. I don't think I'll grow out of ever liking it. :D But anyways I used to be a avid novel reader and now I really can't stand looking at nothing but text for 2 to 3 hrs so that I can finsh a book. But if I have to I don't mind sitting down with a good book and cudling up with a blanket. I don't always uses this site to put down what i'm reading right now because i'll lose track of it so I use Baka-updates time to time again. Other thing about me I also write and play an instrument the cello. I love bands like the gazzette, SHINee, BORN, Alice Nine, Infinate, U-Kiss, D=Out, SuG, Mblaq, Super Junior and my abosoulte favorite Miyavi <3

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