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Anime has always been a great pass time for me(never got into manga). Something to do in the winter or if i'm sick. My favorite anime would probably be Cowboy Bebop(as you can see my avatar and signature are both cowboy bebop people). I would reccomend to anyone that likes cool smooth stylish fighting futuristic funny anime to watch it. Even the fillers are super interesting( I say that as a person who ultimately hates all fillers such as the melancoly haruhi eternal eight filler). I like lots of music from jazz all the way to classic rock. Hope I can help others with reccomendations for anime and hope you can help me! 

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nallyasian says...

Oh really? niiiiice! :) where in the US?

and what does Cowboy Bebop have to do with jazz, exactly? Justwondering, it sounds interesting enough already,

Mar 17, 2012
nallyasian says...

Hey there! Stumbled across your profile so I thought I should say hi :)

I still have to watch Cowboy Bebop one day. Though I've marked it as "Won't Watch" simply because I don't have the time to watch it :/

Mar 11, 2012
tofusparkle says...

Hello, I don't mean to sound to forward but I have been looking for someone to chat about anime with that has similar interests as me. The website suggested you to me and I thought (if you wanted to of course) we could chat on MSN or something.

Nov 6, 2011