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About my ratings:

First of all, my ratings generally refer exclusively to the story.  I don't concern myself with breaking down my scores into various subsections.  To me, the sound, the visuals, they serve to enhance the story.  As long as they don't detract from it, they do not affect its score at all.

Secondly, I try to rate based on my personal enjoyment of a show, rather than attempting to contrive objectivity:

10- Engrossing, spellbinding.

9- Wonderful, emotion-evoking.

8- Very entertaining overall.

7- A good show with some weaknesses.

6- Rather mediocre and uninspiring.

You will fiind that I rarely rate at a 6 or below because I stop watching anything that I don't think is going to be at least a 7.

My inception to the Japanese culture began with childhood RPG's, which in time blossomed into an anime love story.  Once the distinctive visual style and story-telling sucked me in, I became immersed in all I could find.  Since the advent of less than legal anime for all (i.e., the internet), I have sated my then-dwindling lust by exploring curves and crevices of anime that were once forbidden fruits.

Oh yeah.  I'm hentai for anime.

But seriously, there's a lot of awful anime out there, but among them I cherish the gems.  Suffice it to say I've seen more than a little anime, and these experiences are bolstered by many playable anime (RPGs).  So I was thinking I might start doing reviews soon, if I enjoy it.

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Richard0 May 6, 2011

Hi biodomino I don't know you but I was compelled to leave a comment after your response to sothis's scathing review of death note. I was about to review that review but you beat me to the punch and delivered my message perfectly for me.

As such you deserve some sort of reward. I can't give much but i'm recommending you to watch Monster if you want to watch a classic on par with Death note. I haven't watched a lot of anime but i've experienced a lot of stories and I can tell a good one from a bad one from a great one. Its not the same as Death note (even though the recommendations seem to indicate otherwise) but its beautiful in its own way.

Thanks again!

VivisQueen Feb 12, 2011

Hi biodomino,

It's been almost a year, but I just read your comment for my Rurouni Kenshin review. You make a couple of good points and I felt like answering this fine Saturday morning:

Afterall, filler is not innately bad-- what matters is that it is enjoyable to watch.

Agreed. But most filler is innately bad. Specifically, in Kenshin, I found the filler eps to have dull narratives and horrible animation (compared to some of its better moments or even broadly to other shows of its age). Most filler is also an inconvenient diversion from the main plot, breaking the flow of the show and presenting characters in ways that undermine their usual characterisation. I don't consider most of Kenshin's first thirty episodes filler (I know nothing of how far they deviate from the manga) but more a necessary and clumsily long introduction. It's the last thirty eps that fall flat on their face. I'd give them maybe 3/10 altogether.

Context is important too, I think.  Older shows like Kenshin shone most brightly in their time when the things they did well were done less well and less often.

Agreed. I am a fan of older shows, to some extent because I grew up with anime that predate even my birth e.g. Rose of Versaille, Future Police Urashiman. I therefore try as much as possible to be fair to them and compare them to shows of their own age. Although, my ability to do this at the time of writing the Kenshin review might have been limited since I'd seen far fewer anime. And it's not like my system is flawless now (mainly, I just go 'Er, this was made in 1984, same year as Such and Such Anime, and it looks better/worse and the story seems more/less original') so there are times when I just have to match a show's achievements against my own general experience. In the end, that's all any reviewer can do, right?

Personally I still think Kenshin is a great anime...

Agreed. Kenshin was awesome and I only think fondly of it. But, as a site reviewer, it was my duty to sit through the filler, and that took away a hefty chunk from the overall impression it left, particularly about its execution. Anyway, thanks for your comment and I hope you continue to enjoy AP's reviews.