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Bimpy, 24 years old !

Well, if I should write about myself - where should I begin.
I can start with that I love anime and manga, it goes in
between passion and obsession. But this is more me,
more than I represent in real life. So it has in a way become
This world is kind of my therapy, when I need a break from

And then, moving forward ! I love to color, and since I can't
draw anything myself, I find line arts on the internet and use
that. It is comforting, and I enjoy it alot.

Well, I do like challenges ! So when ScarletRain comment me about hers,
I accepted it. I shall watch the list of hers recommendations ! Though some
of them I already have seen - so this will be interesting. So 2016 - her I come.
My list of what I have seen from the challange ->HER<-

   - Take a visit to her site if you wanna join as well.

Well then, what more to tell?
- I love the color blue
- I like to play games a little
- HuniePop is awesome, I'll get in Kirino Kousaka mode x3
- I love to play soccer, basketball, paintball and stuff like that
- I like to watch Movies / Series, and listening to music.
- I like both hard core action and hard core drama / Romance, "a mix with
that and I'm in heaven" hihi, but I also like other genres.
- Cherry Blossom is my favorite <3 
- My awesome, kaawaaiii, beautiful nice is in her as well, AS BeckaPanda <3
- Instagram: bimpy_chan

Quite frankly, I do not know what more I can write. So if you have some
questions, fire away. 

This is only some of my favorite! :
Orignial, the list would be much longer. 

Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Fairy Tail / Fairy Tail 2
Sword Art Online / Sword Art Online II
Kuroko No Basket / Kuroko No Basket 2 / Kuroko No Basket 3 
- Attack On Titan 
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
- Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
- Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic / Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

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InvolvedMaple says...

Haha, sorry I am new to this whole commenting on others profile kind of thing, so I havent noticed your comment before now ^^ I guess I'm just really into anything as long as it is good. I chose to follow you because I agree with a lot of your reviews, and you also seem to be more seasoned than me. 

Feb 8, 2016
spapag2 says...

Hi Bimpy!! :D

Ok sounds good, I'll watch those when I'm able to get to them as well! :3 Haha yeah I'm like that too, especially if the show is really good then it's just too hard to stop! Oh man I totally can't you're not done with it yet? >.< Haha waiting a week for the next episode is the worst, especially if you're not watching anything else to keep you distracted from it during the week, but yes that's definitely the best when you miss a couple episodes so you can watch more at once, love that x3

I see, that's cool! :3 Yeah that's true, the first arc of the first season was really impressive, but it kinda went down from there, and I still need to watch the second season ._. But I've heard both good and bad things about the second season, which is interesting. Haha yes Mirai Nikki was great! Again not one of my favorites, but so entertaining to watch Yuno xD Haha yeah exactly, I wouldn't change anything about Code Geass, it's too good! Except maybe the end so they tell us if Lelouch is either dead or alive, i hate endings where it's up to you to decide!! x0 Hmm really, you didn't like C2? Or was it Shirley? :0 And that's true, there was some which was great :3

Haha wow yeah I probably wouldn't have believed you either, it's something that just doesn't seem like it could be true >< Haha yeah exactly, still young and have a lot left ahead of you! ^^ I'm an uncle too actually, and as I'm sure you know, it's so rewarding :3  it's funny because technically I have a nephew and niece that are older than me, but we just settled with cousins since it's so weird xD Ohh that's great, hope you guys have fun when you do meet up! :D How is she by the way? It's been a really long time since I've heard from her o.o

Hahaha yeah that's pretty much it, although that's what the majority of sports are too...but in the end it's all the same! x) Hmm that's really interesting, I feel like I've heard of a sport like that before but no idea what it could be called...sounds really fun though :3 Burn ball...that's an interesting way to call a sport haha but still cool!

Ugh that's too true, sore losers ruin pretty much everything -_- It's very possible to be really competitive and have fun at the same time, it's really not hard to do! In the end, the only thing that really matters is whether or not you had fun anyway~

Oh my you're doing MMA? 0.0 That's great, how is that going so far? Haha wow, you're really into the fitness scene, that's great! Unlike me, I stepped out after I was done with baseball .__. That's crazy, you're thinking of doing crossfit with all of that too, I'd die x.x Haha yeah I can only imagine how hard it is to be so active, especially with all that you're doing too! Yeah only makes sense, but once your body gets used to it and you get even better shape, it'll be fine ^^

Haha well literature/writing definitely doesn't come easy sometimes! Haha nah you're fine, your comments are great! :D That's a good idea, then you also have it backed up in case something goes wrong with your browser or something (don't ask me how I know that... DX) Oh my gosh I do too, it totally helps!! Multiple tabs is one thing, but if you can see both windows at the same time at full size, it's so much better!

I'm not doing bad, I've just been busy with school lately! I just had 3 exams on the same day yesterday which was hell in the week leading up to it...but now I just have one more exam on Friday and I'll be exam free for a couple of weeks :D Plus I have this week to study for Friday still, so plenty of time compared to the 3 on Monday...And other than that I'm great! I don't really do anything other than school, so that's pretty much it ^.^ How about you, how have you been lately??

Feb 3, 2016
KonaIzumi says...

I'm pretty much enjoying every anime I'm watching this season :0 But ERASED seems to be the one outstading the most this season :P and is indeed really interesting ~

What about you?

Jan 29, 2016
jfrey says...

What about you how you doing 

Jan 28, 2016
jfrey says...

I am good 

Jan 28, 2016