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Bimpy, 23 years old !

Well, if I should write about myself - where should I begin.
I can start with that I love anime and mange, it goes in
between passion and obsession. But this is more me,
more than I represent in real life. So it has in a way become
This world is kind of my therapy, when I need a break from
reality. Can you blame me, when society expects so much
from you - you can't be yourself anymore.

But one day, I want to live a life where I don't care what
others think - and be just me.

And then, moving forward ! I love to color, and since I can't
draw anything myself, I find line arts on the internet and use
that. It is comforting, and I enjoy it alot.

Well then, what more to tell?
- I love the color blue
- I like to play games a little
- I love to play soccer, basketball, paintball and stuff like that
- I like to watch Movies / Series, and listening to music.
- I like both hard core action and hard core drama / Romance, "a mix with
that and I'm in heaven" hihi, but I also like other genres.
- Cherry Blossom is my favorite <3 
- My awesome, kaawaaiii, beautiful nice is in her as well, AS BeckaPanda <3

Quite frankly, I do not know what more I can write. So if you have some
questions, fire away. 

This is only some of my favorite! :
Orignial, the list would be much longer. 

Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Fairy Tail / Fairy Tail 2
Sword Art Online / Sword Art Online II
Kuroko No Basket / Kuroko No Basket 2 / Kuroko No Basket 3 
- Attack On Titan 
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
- Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin


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Android21 says...

Hello there Bimpy-tan! it's been a long really long time hasn't it! :D

Sorry for late reply XD I actually forgot to reply your last comment xD and I was reacently reading my e-mails and boom saw your name and remember that I haven't replyed to your last comment :/ Sorry :l

Haha That's just fine~!

Haha You're most welcome!

Well I am kinda sick :/ anyways...What about you? :D

Ero ero boy wahaha XD lol

Hahaha My mistake lol xD I see, Okay understood! Haha it means it's neither good nor bad :) Souka... Then that's just fine!! taste under construction Haha lol... Oh I was just kidding about that praising part haha.... Souka.... haha undestood :) Sorry I don't cook so I don't have anything to share about this topic :(

Neither do I haha xD moving on~~!

That's awesome.... Job :O, physiotherapy?....That's great! :D watching anime is MUST! haha xD jk

What I've been up to these days.... Nothing much :l...just watching anime, listening songs, re-reading my exam's question paper, and I've been suffering from some weird dream or nightmare syndrom hahaha XD

LOL I see, I choose my name Android21 because I kinda like Android operating system and Robots :) and talking about 21 part, that's just opposite day of my Dob where my Dob is 12 and I choose 21 whaha xD I don't know why but I kinda like number 21! :D

What about your name? Why you choose Bimpy as your nickname? :O

Hobbies :/ I really don't have any I guess :l Well I oughta make one then I guess wahaha but there are not much things in which I am good at haha xD So, it's kinda difficult for me to get a hobbie :l 

Sorry for late reply.

Good night/Good morning!

May 11, 2015
BeckaPanda says...

I miss you Oba-Chan ~<333

Love you lots! (/^3^)/ <3 

kiss kiss with a cherry on top!

Apr 19, 2015
Android21 says...

100th comment :D Congratulation!

Hiya, :D

I see, well that's great that your cold is now gone :) allergy :/.... Ah You're welcome. YUp, I am just fine :O 

OMG I almost died laughing reading this time HAHA XD You really think so? HAha Ero-ero= pervert, Pervert boy XD haha... ** XD anyways haha Hai...That was my inner self mistake *bows* XD JK haha xD 

You eat even if food dosen't taste good? WOW *headphones off* xD I would um...nothing XD... Yup, that's a awesome way of learning things ^^. Ah You like people praising you for your awesome cooking..Naruhodo naruhodo XD. Yup, Cooking is quite awesome thing for making someone happy ^^

*speechless* I understand what you're trying to say.... You're words did makes complete sense :)

Glad you like it! :)  Haha

Ah What I've been up to these days.....

WAtching anime, listening songs, re-reading my old exam's questions papers, playing quizup and yes other iroiro type of stuff XD  

ah Let me see....xD nothing in particular XD what about you? :D

um why is 21 meant for in Dragon ball? Nope haha I haven't watched that anime xD 

Hai...Haha LOL XD Nee nee, what do you mean bY "So just to add some more topics- Why? is it because you have not find one you like or you find something regularly and switch for some other reasons or no reason at all?"? if I am not wrong, you're talking about my hobbies, right?


Haha Good mornight XD 

Apr 19, 2015
Android21 says...

Hello! :D

How are you now:? :D It's been a quite a long time now so, hows your cold now? :D

Hai...It was my just mistake haha Big one haha xD Sorry about that XD I didn't not even think what ero ero could mean but when I search ero ero result were UGu leave it haha xD sorry XD

Hai, I do believe that but since I don't really know anything about cooking so I am not really sure haha XD What you would do if somthing wrong went with your experiment type cooking XD? I see, haha You like cooking that much WOW haha :l 

Nope No regrets at all haha XD YOU almost know everything about me now Muhaha xD mostly I guess haha hai That' the reason why I call you logical :D

I see, you've downloaded it already WOW XD so did you like it XD? 

Haha Yup, XD

Matanee XD Nee, we are lacking topics now ugu :( haha XD

I don't really know :/ Well Try now maybe something was wrong with A-P yesterday's night :D that's why A-P was on a long maintenance today :/ 

Apr 17, 2015
BeckaPanda says...

Just dropped by to tell you that I love you and am so lucky for you beeing my one and only Oba-Chan <3

I really love you, and I am so proud of you! 

Darling Oba-Chan mine (/^3^)/ <3

Apr 15, 2015