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Bimpy, 24 years old !

Well, if I should write about myself - where should I begin.
I can start with that I love anime and manga, it goes in
between passion and obsession. But this is more me,
more than I represent in real life. So it has in a way become
This world is kind of my therapy, when I need a break from

And then, moving forward ! I love to color, and since I can't
draw anything myself, I find line arts on the internet and use
that. It is comforting, and I enjoy it alot.

Well, I do like challenges ! So when ScarletRain comment me about hers,
I accepted it. I shall watch the list of hers recommendations ! Though some
of them I already have seen - so this will be interesting. So 2016 - her I come.
My list of what I have seen from the challange ->HER<-

   - Take a visit to her site if you wanna join as well.

Well then, what more to tell?
- I love the color blue
- I like to play games a little
- HuniePop is awesome, I'll get in Kirino Kousaka mode x3
- I love to play soccer, basketball, paintball and stuff like that
- I like to watch Movies / Series, and listening to music.
- I like both hard core action and hard core drama / Romance, "a mix with
that and I'm in heaven" hihi, but I also like other genres.
- Cherry Blossom is my favorite <3 
- My awesome, kaawaaiii, beautiful nice is in her as well, AS BeckaPanda <3
- Instagram: bimpy_chan

Quite frankly, I do not know what more I can write. So if you have some
questions, fire away. 

This is only some of my favorite! :
Orignial, the list would be much longer. 

Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Fairy Tail / Fairy Tail 2
Sword Art Online / Sword Art Online II
Kuroko No Basket / Kuroko No Basket 2 / Kuroko No Basket 3 
- Attack On Titan 
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
- Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
- Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic / Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

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Arran says...

Et halvt år senere, oisann o-o I am so sorry!Hey, it has been a while! Prince of stride ja, har hørt mye om den og spoilet litt for meg selv slik at jeg skal komme meg i gang med å se den, har da enda ikke gjort det haha. Men har nå lastet den ned slik at jeg skal ha ting å se på mens jeg prøve å ikke smelte bort i Tyrkia nå i sommer :) Har du sett noe nytt i det siste? Jeg personlig har bare begynt å se dem alle andre har sett for lenge siden som er blant annet Tokyo Ghoul, Death Parade etc. De nye som jeg hadde planer om å unngå men nå begynner jeg å slite med å finne ting som faller innenfor mine preferanser. Nå venter jeg bare på dommedagen når jeg skal begynne på mitt andre år på videregående, Barn og ungdoms faget. Jeg gruer meg så mye at jeg føler meg helt sår haha. Jeg greiede ikke å passe inn i den forje klassen, så håper et nytt år bringer nye muligheter! Håper du har det bra? Ha det bra så lenge ^-^

Jul 15, 2016
RickGrimes says...

Hello there! Wanted to speak with you but never got the time! How are you!?

May 17, 2016
Halibut says...

Hi following you

May 7, 2016
BeckaPanda says...


I miss you :c

Apr 28, 2016
spapag2 says...

Hi Bimpy-chan!! :D

Yes like even an hour more would be so much better!! Technically we get 6 hours extra each year which is why we have leap doing the math that's like almost a minute per day? Although we make it up every four years anyway...ugh either way extra time would be so much nicer! >.<

Haha I don't remember either..guess this is the bad thing about both of us being slow to reply xDD

Yeah that's what I like about watching currently airing anime. And since everyone's talking about it you can join in with that as well which is really fun. And I just went to my first convention a couple weeks ago, and a lot of the things are about all the new and current anime which is really awesome to see! :D But cliffhangers... DX

Haha that's awesome, Yuno is too awesome x3 Mirai Nikki really was a good show and I would totally rewatch it if I ever have time!

Aw haha I liked both of them, but that's cool if you didn't like them! I can see why you wouldn't so can't really blame you for that :3

Yeah it's super confusing and weird, and we always joke about it when we're together x) Yeah totally, I'm gonna think of that whenever I feel like I'm getting old, which is all the time now, it's so weird >.<

I see, well at least you guys are keeping busy with everything! That's good you guys were able to get together as well, that's always nice! :D

Haha just go with it, a lot of other things are named worse x)

That's awesome, and that's good to hear you're really enjoying it!! Well I'm sure you're fine as it is, you wouldn't be lying^^ But that's true, it never hurts to keep exercising, it's so much better than sitting around and being lazy like me >< How has it been going so far? And that's ok if you're not great, you have to start somewhere! Are you getting better at it?

My brother in law does Krav Maga and he teaches me stuff sometimes so I know what you mean about sucking, but it's really fun :3

And that sucks you had to take a break from being sick, but I assume you're back at it now!

Haha going back to working on just my laptop screen is so weird now, it's doable but I keep thinking I have more screen when there isn't any x.x

Exams went pretty well! And didn't at the same time...I got a 91 on my chem final which was awesome! But I survived so now all that matters is focusing on my next classes! Going for the highest grades I can this time, don't really have a choice but I know it's possible and that's all that matters! x0

And I'm doing pretty well, I'm definitely enjoying taking an easier quarter this time, and spring break was too awesome with the con and Easter and everything ^.^

Aw I'm sorry to hear things weren't so great .-. What happened? You don't have to answer of course. But I hope you're doing better now!


Apr 7, 2016