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In a nutshell: I'm just some guy that loves anime, manga, and video games. Also I'm enthusiastic about how the anime industry works, and the sales of shows. I like seeing what succeeded and what didn't.

I got into anime during Fall 2008 when I was 14. I had watched anime casually when I caught it on TV since I was a kid. Later Toonami got cancelled and I was in tears (So immature.). I later kept hearing talk about Bleach and tried it on [adult swim] starting with episode 87.

I later instantly fell in love with Bleach which is my gateway anime. I started watching more and more anime on [as], and later started to get into more shows, and now here I am, an otaku.

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*Note: Everything I have in "Want to Watch" isn't everything I want to watch. I haven't added nearly every single thing I want to yet.

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Note: I don't rate off purely enjoyment as I've found that "Enjoyable=/=Good" and "Not enjoyable=/=Bad". Of course I usually enjoy good shows, and find nothing but pain through the bad. My scores are based off of how I feel the quality of the show is overall. My enjoyment score is fairly close to the overall the majority of the time.

Feel free to ask me what I thought about a show if the score isn't enough for you.  You can also look here for shows I feel are bad/mediocre that I at least decently liked.

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roriconfan says...

There is nothing plausible in the whole show. It is plain fan service for dork gamers,

If Aizen was captured in the end, and hadn't escaped, I would have given it a 7. Still, way too many captains with no importance to the plot. If there were 5 teams, I would give it an 8.

The Madoka hype has already died out and most people now admit it wasn't that great as they thought.

The Fishman arc was hyped a lot in anidb. Hell, it still is with this lame Red Hawn thing.

Sep 30, 2012
roriconfan says...

I have. They are very fun games, with enough duration, difficulty and cameos to keep you interested. The plot is very childish though. It has nice ideas for a story and the villains are cool but it plays out too much like a fairy tale.

Are you follwing my yt videos?

Sep 26, 2012
roriconfan says...

Yes to all

Aug 25, 2012
Jetzero says...

yeah a couple of weeks ago

Aug 20, 2012
ikkitheskyking9000 says...

I do like the characters and story more than the art too, I just really like the artwork in the manga series that I read. But even I know that a series needs good characters and story.

My other favorite shonens are negima, nuru rise of the yokai clen, kekkashie, tenjou tenge, claymore, black cat, rurouni kenshin, toriko, and fist of the north star.

Aug 19, 2012