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Anime I Want Licensed

All the anime I would like to see licensed in North America.

Anime With Rewatch Value

Normally anime have low rewatch value, even really good anime. Here's a list of shows that actually have a reason for you to rewatch them. AKA list of shows I'd give a medium or higher rewatch value on like MAL. Breakdown by Very...

Bad/Mediocre Anime I At Least Decently Like

Most bad (and many times mediocre) anime cause nothing but pain, but here's some that I at least decently liked. All of these I gave a score of 5/10 or lower, but if I were to rate these based off of purely enjoyment alone, they'd get at least a...

Favorite Anime

The anime I enjoyed the most. (Ranked purely by enjoyment)

Overlooked Gems

There are many shows today's fans will overlook, either because they've never heard of it ("If it's not popular/well-known, how can it be good?"), or find it to be too old ("If it's old, how can it be good?"). Here's a list of very good shows I feel...