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YanderexAngel Dec 31, 2010

Lol it's okay, so what's your favorite anime? ^^

And Happy New Year! :D

MasatoMomota Dec 31, 2010

After hearing Gaao in Air.. all I thought og ws Uguu from Kanon whch annoyed me.. haha I found both Uguu and Gaao annoying a tiny bit, but I guess Gaao was way better then Uguu. I found parts in Kanon to be quite boring, but I did find lots of the middle interesting, sad, and amusing.. I did love the ending though.

Toradora! is amazing and I love rewatching scenes from it. Tsundere characters are a favorite to me too or least after Toradora! they are. =P

I started to watch the second series of Haruhi a while back.. haha I watched up to episode 5/6 and was like seriously what the hell.. hopefully going to watch all the episodes and the movie sometime soon. =P

I just assumed girls don't watch stuff like MAria Holic. Always assumed they watched animes such as Loveless or Gravitation. =P hehe

I tried to watch Lucky star.. I failed again.. I didn't even get to episode 2.. Then I went to watch K-On and found out the video doesn't show.. just the sound..  T.T It killed me.. I really want to watch K-On.. haha Though I like downloading then watching.. I might actually have to watch from a site.. T.T

YanderexAngel Dec 23, 2010

Nice to meet you~!

Sure, I love making new friends ^^

MasatoMomota Dec 22, 2010

The one thing that didn't like about  Kanon was that uguu girl.. lol the girl that lookedl ike she was 10.. I didn't like her too much, but the rest I liked.. I think you might like Clannad out of all three. =P

I doubt I can watch a gundam anime.. I use to be able to watch them, but I most likely can't get into them anymore.. I might try to watch the old Gundam Wind series, but that's it..

Yeah with Bleach and naruto fillers happen a lot.. Plus one episode of bleach contain 3min music opening 4minute summary of what happen last episode, 5 minute talking, another 5minutes of random comedy, 3minute ending.. So really you have like 5minutes of action if lucky.. haha.. One piece I liked a few episodes, but I lose interest in it.. I don't think I will be able to catch up with the newest or last episode any time soon..

Aren't you a female? =P I just didn't think females would find Maria holic interesting.

T.T School days.. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.. I won't say the ending,but I'll give you an idea what kinda of episode it is.. If you don't want to know skip ahead.. =P The ending is little.. violent and has some blood.. It's just really cruel, sad, sick, and sends chills up my spine every time I see it..

School days has quite some bit of sex scenes.. If I remember it's mostly finishing up or starting..  I can't remember them.. Though they aren't that bad..


I have yet to see the second series of Haruhi or the movie. =(I have yet to see DMC too =(


Np. :D If I come across any other animes I think you might like I'll let you know. Currectly trying to start up lucky star again.. If I lose interest again this time.. I'm switching to K-On! =P

MasatoMomota Dec 20, 2010

That's good to hear! :D

Ohh you seen kanon(2006) already? =P I didn't like Air as much, but was pretty decent. Kanon(2006), Air, and Clannad are pretty much the same and have the same feel. I think they done by the same people unsure.. Though Clannad I would have to say is the best of the three or least my favorite.. haha It's little more sadder then the other two and cooler. =P

Code Geass to me didn't feel like a mech anime and the story was amazing, so I was able to love it. Seemed like in code geass there was a lot more scenes with them not in those mechs(forgot what they were called.. haha)Same with Evangelion only mech I kinda got dragged into. :D Probably cuz it was back when I was little into mechs cuz of Zoids and the Gundam shows on T.V.

For some reason I like naruto and bleach.. unsure why, but I like them.. haha Might be the only ones I watch of that kind.. The whole guy with a giant sword/kid with magical powers goes off killing demons, killing the bad guy, saving the world, blood spilling, demon hunting, and all that got little old to me.. I think i'm thinking the same thing as you.. =P The story lines are basically the same.. Just different weapons, different looking characters(Main character always the stupid lookin one..), different names, and slightly different monsters.. In animes like Haruhi, Clannad, Toradora!, and other Slice of life animes might have something similar, but least they change a lot and have different stuff. Some of the Romance, drama, sad stories, and other animes that kinda hit that emotional spot at least don't get all that boring.. haha


Sorry for posting a lot. T.T

Here is a little list of some of my watched animes that are pretty much school life/slice of life. =P

- kimi-ni-todoke (This was a little decent.)

- maria holic (Highly doubt you will like this.. Just thought I would recommend it.. Though I don't remember too much about it.. Might not be Slice of Life, but still pretty funny.)

-Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The ( A movie, but if you haven't seen it, then I recommend it. :D It's pretty good. :D)

-school days (Honestly.. I highly doubt you will like this.. It's pretty.. um..  don't know the word to use.. Let's say the ending gives a little chill up my spine.. It does have a lot of parts about sex.. and the ending is the worst part of the anime and least expected.. By worst I don't mean it sucked.. I mean worst as in sick/bad/etc)

-Welcome to the NHK! (This one was really nice.. Well I liked it.. haha It really isn't school life type, but it is Slice of life and pretty good. =P

-Azumanga Daioh (Of course this anime is a little weird.. seems liek the whole point of it is random comedy.. haha Little decent for that type though.. I don't know if you would like it, but I saw you liked Lucky Star and thought you might like this one.. I didn't fully watch it yet soo I don't know much about the series.. haha)Then you have Toradora! which seems like your watching or going to watch. I recommend that one as well. =P It was one of my favorites and wish I could rewatch it as if I didn't already see it..