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animepuppet17 says...

I'm immature? That's funny considerring you are cussing at someone you don't even know for stating their opinion, of which I am completely entitled. As for being an incest victim? Been there, done that... still scarred. My point was that I saw beauty in the ideals of the anime, of the obstacles and how they were overcomed. If all you can see out of it is yaoi, then I'm sorry you missed the gist. I'm a senior in high school, middle school was terrible and back then I was afrais for people to know I liked yaoi. That died out my freshman year. It's almost revolting now to see anyone loving another because of how unfair it is. v.v The one I love is gone, why should they be able to be together when I am separtaed by miles?

I am sorry if I offended you, and I regret that I did not get this when you sent it. I have been a bit busy with school, my novel, and figuring out where my life is going. I can barely remember the anime now, and to be honest, I knew most of those words. A couple I've not learned or forgotten. In my novel or my poems, I do not use my emoticons. I am able to use words, twisting and tying them together to form images into your mind against the reader's will, and normally without them realizing it, that explains the emotions and feelings of the characters. I'm sure you would critisize my writing as well, however. Anyone who would want to waste time reviewing anime for any other reason than to defend one that deserves to be... and makes an account for fun or pleasure instead of to merely pass time, must be a very critical perason. My email is [email protected]. Email me if you wish to continue this conversation.

Nov 3, 2010