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Hello I'm Diana. :) I have been watching anime ever since I was a very young girl. My first animes were probably Ranma 1/2 or Heidi. I didn't understand half the stuff that was going on in those shows, but I thought the characters have funny expressions, so I was easily entertained. As I started growing up, I began to watch and experience with different anime series, and found myself becoming increasingly picky about what I watched. As a result, I've probably seen about a hundred different animes, and can't even remember more than half of them. I'm the kind of viewer that will forget a movie or show almost as soon as it ends if it doesn't leave a good (or absolutely terrible) impression on me. I am always open to suggestions for new series, not neccesarily anime. I really enjoy watching everything, for one reason or another. Since I am quite busy, though, I usually end up dropping most series due to lack of free time. That's probably why I don't have a huge list of animes I've liked, because I just can't say I like something if I haven't seen the whole thing...I am fairly easy to get along with, so I'll respond to anyone's suggestions and the such.

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