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Accel World

May 20, 2012

This is my updated review hope you'll like it Decided that I will update this review once more since i'm not that happy about it all the comments are about my first review wich unfortunatly I have deleted anyways let's start.

Accel World is a sc-fi/action/comedy/ecchi serie it is one of my most favorite series this year i'm remaking my old review here i hope my english typing and stuff are a little bit better than last time. 

Story 8/10

The story is set in the future where the new generation of kids have been implanted with neural connectors on their necks. Wich they use for almost everything calling one another accesing the ' internet'  and they even go to school and learn with these things The main caracter is a chubby boy who is getting bullied at school  he uses games as an escape from the real world which he hates a lot then one day the student coucncil president gives him a new game called 'brain buster' The program allows the user to slow down time in real life, and you learn that there are other abilities granted later BUT in order to maintain these new abilities all the people participating in the game have to fight one another to collect points. If they lose ALL their points the game uninstalls itself and you lose the ability to slow down time. i think that is all on the story without any spoilers personally I liked the story way more than Sword art online i'm comparing it to that since everyone is doing that. 

Animation 9/10

The animation looked really good, the action scene's looked fluid and the backgrounds looked good as well.

Characters 8/10

Let's start with the main character haru this show took quite a risk to make haru a fatty and actually they drew him in a different style than everyone else, many people didn't like it but I actually did. it's something different than usual to have a fat kid as the main protaganist. And even when he enters Brain Burst his personality doesn't really change. He still keeps his weaknesses and fears he must conquer. Of course there are other characters, you have haru's childhood friends who are in a relationship wich develop over the course of the show and they both play and important part in the story of the show.

Then you have Kuroyukihime wich is her nickname and you don't even get to know her real name she is the personwho gives haru the brain burst program and is haru's love interest. Aside from haru she was my favorite character since she develops quite a bit during this show she is not your typical anime female wich I really like she actually has a backspine and she's quite a badass.

Of course there is the supporting cast as well who each have their moments but they aren't that special to be mentioned.

Overall the characters are very nicely done people have many complaints with haru being a fatass just to let otaku's apricate him more, but I think it was done to show that there can be more male main characters than just your average badass male character (kirito for example) 

Sound 8/10

Personally the 1st OP of this show is one of my favorite's and this show made me a fan of altima (the band who did the OP) other than the great OP the background music is great as well it sounds good and there is just enough variation to keep you entertaint. The sound effects during battles are great too as they really set the mood.

The Voice actors also did a great job as they were able to bring the emotions perfectly and the conversations are never boring.

Overall 9/10

With no doubt is this my favorite show of 2012 it has great characters good music and an interesting story though there is a little bit too much fanservice a lot less then sword art online if they removed the fanserivce this show would probably get a perfect score.

Overall if you liked sword art online you should check this one out let's all hope for a second season.

This is my 3rd time rewriting my review I really hope this is the last time. I hope you enjoyed reading my review and feel free to leave a comment I would love some feedback!


8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Gomu69 May 23, 2012

1. Being a 24 episode series, chances are it'll end around mid-end of september

2. No one's making you read anything except your own curiousity, but I wouldn't know if people can be blocked so sorry if that didn't help answer your question.

Unclelucas May 22, 2012

Thanks for the good review, putting this on my "want to watch" list now.2 Questions though.

1) When is this series going to be finished airing?2) Can you block people on this site? I would like to know if it would be possible to block Roriconfan so his reviews/comments never appear for me again... I too am also tired of reading what he has to say constantly. A bigot of epic proportions if i've ever seen one.

roriconfan May 21, 2012

You are wrong too. I am not stating an opinion but correcting a factual error of this review which makes it misguiding to anyone reading it. Try to think before you write next time; it will save you the embarassment.

roriconfan May 20, 2012

"this anime is one of those who does not need fanservice"

- Naked underaged girls in every episode.

- Pattering videogame nerds.

- The game also makes no sense.

It is a 100% fan service show.

If you can't even recognize what fan service is, don't bother making misguiding reviews about it.