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Princess Lover!

Dec 31, 2013

Princess lover is an average harem show but with a bit more story than the usual harem it also has quite a few action scene's and the obliged hot-springs episode,
Yes this was an just above average show at best but for some reason I inmensly enjoyed it.

Story: As said before there is a bit more story than your usual harem show, each charachter has a bit of a back story and none of them are really just 'there'
Of course it's still a harem and it does have a few plot holes but they are not so bad that you can't enjoy it, there is an actual ending as well and there is some progress in the story.

Animation: Not that good, the characters did look good but the other animations such like backgrounds, side characters and all that are poorly animated.
But the action scene's are quite fluid and do look good as for fanservice it's pretty good animated and the character designs are nice.

Music: i didn't really enjoy any of the music it had it good points but nothing really stood out, most of the background sounds I didn't notice apart from the one in the final episode.
As for the action scene the music did make it sound better and it had a few good points the voice actors also voiced their characters well and as a bonus Norio Wakamoto also voices a character in it wich is awesome

Characters: The characters weren't really horrible I quite liked the main character because he wasn't that indecisive and did show some progress.
As said before each character had a backstory and even though some were better than others they still had a backstory.
The best character in my opinion is the butler Alfred he never failed to made me laugh and had some pretty sick action scene's as well so you should just go watch this show only for him.
Overall i'm giving characters a 6/10 mainly because even though they weren't that bad they are still harem characters as they focus on one or two characters who well were quite bad.

Enjoyment: For some reason i really enjoyed this show yes it is average but it all made quite sense and the plot holes weren't so bad, there are even a few moments when I laughed
My enjoyment for this show is a 7/10

The overall score for this show is a 6/10 it has a few good elements for a ecchi/harem show wich puts it above the average one's so if you do have some time check this show out it's worth more your time than any other average harem show.

6.5/10 story
6/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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